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Canal 26

Spanish  |  News & Politics
Channel 26 is an Argentinean cable television channel available in the web as Channel 26 Live or Canal 26 En Vivo. The channel provides newscasts alongside with entertainment and current affairs programming. Channel 26 was established on March 4, 1996 as 26 UHF, hence the name. Nowadays channel is owned and operated by group Telecentre. Its broadcast center located in San Justo. There are lots of well-known Argentinean journalist works to make the channel programming better: Mariano Grondona, Susana Roccasalva, Eduardo Jorge Lanata Serenellini and Antonio Laje. Channel 26 provides wide range of news and entertainment oriented programs: DDT After All, hosted by Jorge Lanata; Minute by Minute with Susan Roccasalva; Before 7, featuring Juan Pablo Duarte Zanotto and Lorraine; Starting Point, led by Alejandro Rial; Take It Easy, hosted by Eduardo Serenellini; At 12 O'clock, hosted by Antonio Fernández Llorente; News Flash, by Ronen Szwarc and Marina Malpeli; Shocking Stories, narrated by Mauro Viale; Hora Clave, hosted by Mariano Grondona; A Low Heat, led by Clara and Eduardo Mariño Serenellini; Hold Tango, with Silvio Soldan; Johnny Allon Presents, hosted by Johnny Allon; The Journal on Saturday, with Eduardo Serenellini; TLT All Afternoon, presented by Fabian Fernandez Pablo; The Sunday Journal, led by Edward Battaglia; As If It Were Yesterday, with Liliana Esther Maturano and Football for All featuring simultaneous broadcast of the First Division of Argentina games tournament.

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