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Viewers provide the incentive to provide high quality informational programming that educates the viewing audience while offering entertainment value that keeps them coming back for more. Watch City of Tampa Television (CTTV) in Tampa to see the Chief of Police Jane Castor host a public safety program called “On Duty with the Tampa Police Department” to see the women and men of TPD go about their busy days. Or check out the wildlife at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Themes such as cohabitation among similar species offer the opportunity to observe how well some animal species live together. Grevy’s Zebras are seen along side White Rhinoceros as they live in the wild. Or watch Orangutan in their habitat. Informative, educational, and always entertaining, CTTV has plenty to offer its viewers. Wish to view the events as they occur on the Tampa City Council or learn about code enforcement? The mayor of Tampa is very involved in the programming seen on CTTV and gives of her time to make sure the public is informed, educated, and even entertained whenever they choose to tune in.

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