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Since the early 70’s when Chicago State University built the original TV studio the progress has been steady, exceeding any expectations for a student run studio format. The hands on experience has been a valuable addition to the university as a whole. Ever increasing enrollment proves how popular the concept of the student’s experience in the electronic media field can be to the individual student with interests in this venue. Located in Douglas Hall, CSU has added on over the years. Audio as well as digital editing suites, camcorders for student use with projects and remote shoots, complete with digital editing suites have made the entire experience inspiring and attractive to the student curriculum. Now the studios run twenty four hours seven days per week and have become quite professional in their output. Local Area Network or LAN lines have been added on to integrate the media among classrooms and servers capable of storing large amounts of information from all systems mean safe storage of info from all departments. CSU TV is a professional endeavor from any perspective.

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