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English  |  News & Politics
Canada’s premiere news public affairs and political coverage can be found on the CPAC channel any time of day. Viewers tune in to find out what is happening locally as well as abroad and they like what they find there. Honest and unbiased representation assures the reputation of this public affairs channel will withstand criticism that is always present in the media. And they manage to do this free from commercial interruptions and loud sales promotions as seen on other TV channels. Thanks to generous funding from satellite, cable, and wireless distributors there is neither financial support nor government affiliation to be held accountable to. Among the more popular programming on CPAC are “In Committee From the Senate of Canada” where discussions include science and technology, social affairs, and immigration issues. “Public Record” offering up to the minute information and news regarding House Affairs and Procedure hearings covering if and how parliamentary privilege was breached and 10th Anniversary Summit of the Equal Voice. All newsworthy information is given in a timely manner rather than obtaining stale, outdated, and otherwise unworthy “news”.

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