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Chinese  |  News & Politics
CCTV1 is the main TV channel of China Central Television network launched on September 2, 1958 as the first television station of People Republic of China named Beijing TV News Channel. Since that channel has been developed into a large network with more than 12 integrated TV stations (most of them are broadcasting 24 hours a day.) CCTV1’s programming schedule consists of newscasts being aired on hourly basis and wide range of other news programs: interviews, talk shows, live reports, etc. Morning weekday programming of CCTV1 includes: News Network, Focus, NICE Golden Theatre, Hear the world and Daily Drama. On the midday time you can watch News 30 and Emotion Theatre. On the evenings CCTV1 proposes well balanced news and entertainment programming: Evening News and Starry Night Theatre. Besides abovementioned CCTV1 features lots of other TV shows and live broadcasts: New Year Festival, Spring Festival Evening Bridal, The Ministry of Culture Spring Gala Festival, Qu Yuan Tan, Moving China Awards, Party Lantern, 315 Party, Army Day August Evening, Mid-Autumn Evening, etc.

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