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Chinese  |  Arts, Science & Culture
Unlike of the rest politically oriented China Central Television Channels, CCTV 10 provides unbiased and fresh educational content adjusted to satisfy scientific-knowledge needs of the young generation of Chinese citizens. Besides the terrestrial broadcasting CCTV-10 available worldwide as CCTV-10 Live. The channel schedule is concentrated on education issues of modern science and technology. It is aimed to spread modern education philosophy, and showcase the cultural heritage of China. The channel tries to aim on quality of content instead of quantity, therefore CCTV10 features less programs then average European or American scientific channel by all of them has a quite high level. Most noticeable of them are: The Lecture Room, Everyone, Screening Room 10, About, Science World, Green Space, People, Discovery, I Hope (English TV Journal), Meridian Letters, Scientific Approach and The Light of Science.

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