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Aimed toward those who are age six and under, the BBC channel known as CBeebies is not only extremely popular with parents and children, it has won many awards for top quality programming for children. Today it’s difficult to decide which programs are safe for young eyes and ears to see and hear. Violence and foul language are common on television no matter where we live and some require watching before allowing those youngsters to view for themselves in case inappropriate programming slip by the censors. Some examples of the fine quality to be found on CBeebies are Bits and Bobs about two fluff balls called Bits and Bobs who reside in a car they call Trug and often filmed in locations such as some notable Scottish attractions. Finley the Fire Engine is a talking fire truck who lives in Friendlyville and doles out good advice to young viewers. Another great representation of top quality viewing aimed at youngsters up to around age six is Teletubbies. Colorful characters include Tinky Winky (purple), Po (red), Laa-Laa (green), and Dipsy (green). They do things young children like to do including running, rolling on the ground, and watching other kids on TV.

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