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Founder Pat Robertson was an early pioneer and televangelist who used a variety of religious programming to draw in viewers who wanted to see quality Christian TV shows. As a preacher Robertson already had a large following but when he turned into a television evangelist he opened up a whole new avenue of reaching out to the masses. We can now see CBN News which offers updates to the 700 Club along with religious newsworthy items. CBN NewsWatch offers a daily prime time hour along with Christian World News. When the mid term and presidential elections come around you can see Pat Robertson host up to the minute coverage. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia CBN broadcasts their programs in over seventy different languages around the world including, CBN India, Solusi in Indonesia, and Thailand’s From Heart to Heart. Missionary efforts are a continual effort as well as international relief programs. Currently a production company for the 700 Club, CBN has seen much of its programming go into syndication where it will carry on for a good long time.

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