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CBN Espanol

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CBN Espanol is a Spanish language version of worldwide Christian Broadcasting Network established in 1961 by first televangelist Marion Gordon Robertson (aka Pat Robertson) who became famous for his book "New World Order" asserting that Jews, Freemasons and Illuminati are conspiring to achieve world domination. Besides this weird fact CBN represents quite balanced point of view on today’s world order featuring well-thought programming aimed on wide range of audiences. And, of course, there are lots of popular programs which will be in interest for every human being independently of religious and cultural background. Among such the programs on CBN Espanol is the Club 700 Hoy targeted on Latin America and the United States audiences. Represented in a TV journal format this programs share love and respect of three generations of Spanish-speaking people at least. This half-hour program hosted by five CBN personalities Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, Gordon Robertson, Kristi Watts and Lee Webb. Now you can easily watch CBN CBN Espanol live via the Internet from every corner of the world.

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