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English  |  Business & Finance
Bloomberg TV is a 24-hour television channel featuring predominately business news live. Bloomberg Television is broadcasted internationally via cable and satellite providers; Bloomberg live is also available on Bloomberg TV live features the same programming as the original channel: “Bloomberg Economic Calendar”, “Bloomberg Stock”, “Bloomberg Energy and Oil Prices”, “Bloomberg commodities” are delivered “straight to your door” with other diverse Bloomberg programs. Watch Bloomberg TV live business and financial news from the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia with with Linzie Janis in her program “Global Connection”, which is airing in midnight from Monday till Friday. The program followed by “Countdown” in 1:00 AM which centers European market opening and delivers in-time stock quotes information and interviews with financial analysts. The next program “On The Move” features live interviews with European market leaders and CEOs hosted by Francine Lacqua. In 4:00 AM Francine Lacqua presents “The Pulse”, a program providing business stories analysis and interviews with major market influencers. “InsideTrack” hosted by Deirdre Bolton and Erik Schatzker features biggest business headlines of the day. The freshest breaking business news is delivered to you by Betty Liu in her program “In the Loop”. At 10:00 AM, news program, “InBusiness” provides a look “in the future” with Margaret Brennan, and gives viewers deep insight on consequences of major business world events. Watch interviews with world most trusted financial strategists in “Surveillance Midday” at 12:00, the program hosted by Tom Keene. “What move the markets along with trends in profits, products, and politics?” Get it with “Lisa Murphy” in her program “Fast Forward”. Every investor and trader knows that 14:00 is the critical hour of the trading day on NYSE and everybody wants to know what effect will have today's top deals. Get a careful and analysis of the main trading hour in “Bloomberg Bottom Line” with Mark Crumpton. As the last trading hour moves on “Street Smart” features interviews with CEOs, economists and politicians hosted by Carol Massar and Matt Miller. Listen to Wall Street's most successful professionals in “Taking Stock” if you what to think like a professional trader. Retrospective recap of the day’s most impacting news is presented in “Bloomberg Rewind” at 18:00, bringing viewers interviews with persons that made that day’s headlines. 19:00 it’s time for Bloomberg documentary series “Bloomberg Game Changers”, which chronicles technological, financial, political and cultural world events. In 20:00 Charlie Rose presents tête-à-tête's and roundtables with world most influential writers, politicians, CEOs and entertainers. New Bloomberg’s series “Bloomberg The Mentor” starts at 23:00 on Bloomberg TV and featuring world most effective CEOs sharing experience with the owners of small businesses and start-ups.

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