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Bayrak TV 2

Greek  |  News & Politics
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offers the official television and radio broadcasts and they have been in operation since 1963. On certain hours each day they now offer the news in many languages including English, Russian, Greek, Arabic, and German. Bayrak television produces its own high quality programming such as sports, arts, talk, women’s hour, cultural and social events, educational, entertainment, and they include current news to keep their patronage up to date on affairs local and international. The television transmission for Bayrak TV 2 covers Cyprus entirely in addition to Lebanon, Turkey, and much of western Syria and while the Republic of Cyprus considers BRT to be a “pirate broadcaster” it remains in operation and quite successfully broadcasts on a continual basis, offering up to the minute news each day. Travelers from Cyprus can tune in to their locally produced shows via internet connection if they choose as BRT streams live programming daily, offering their viewing audience the opportunity to keep up to date with current events and what ever else may be happening back home.

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