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French  |  News & Politics
BFM TV is the first of France-based digital broadcasters launched 28 November 2005. It’s often referred as BFTTV and available via satellite and web as “BFM TV Live”. BFM TV Channel airs world economical news, showbiz, sport events, exchange market news, stock exchange indexes and analysis. The BFM TV’s most well-known programs are: “News Channel”, hosted by Elkrief Ruth; “BFM Non-Stop” and “BFM Story” with Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot; “After the Football” with by Gilbert Brisbois, “BFM-Dailymotion”, hosted by Olivier Mazerolle, famous political columnist; “Karl Zéro” based on Larry King’s CNN show; “Info 360”, by Ronald Guintrange and Karine Menonville; “Sarko Info”, the parody of television news and interviews with Nicolas Sarkozy, imitated by Michel Guidoni; “Chronicle of Show Business” by Louise Ekland and her program “Louise Ekland’s cultural magazine”.

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