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BBC Three

English  |  Film & Animation
Among the four BBC networks, each has its own distinct identity, so that they seldom compete for viewers, but together they dominate the English airwaves—a strategic programming and business plan other ambitious networks more often ought to imitate. BBC Three, the most technologically advanced among the BBC stations, targets viewers between sixteen and thirty, offering them “innovative” content and devoting considerable attention to new talent and new technologies. More than 80% of its programming is original, and it, too, has the advantage of broadcasting commercial-free. Consistent with the audience’s interest, BBC Three has developed “60 Seconds,” a strict time limit for its news broadcasts which offers the extra economic advantage of automating almost all of the station’s operations. Several of BBC Three’s “edgy” programs have crossed-over to the mainstream BBC channels, most notably its hit comedy “Little Britain,” which broke ratings records with 1.8 million viewers for the first episode of its second season. In the last several years, BBC Three has scored ratings success with “pan-psychology” shows modeled after American hits on A&E. “Freaky Eaters,” “Spendaholics,” and “Sex with Mum and Dad” have become overnight sensations, and they have held their audiences even after the initial brouhaha has died down.

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