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Armenian Public Television

Armenian  |  News & Politics
Dating back to the 1950’s Armenian television viewers have had much to be thankful for in the high quality of viewing and options available to them. Officially launched in November of 1956, the Sovietization and first programs were transmitted in Armenia. A news program, News of the Week, first aired in August of 1957, and was considered a periodical and the creation of the news editorial office. Public television in Armenia, as well as around the globe, is meant for the public and all viewers for free. With today’s free TV streaming capabilities, the concept of free viewing is available for everyone who can receive it. Having a computer or an internet ready television set enables viewers to see what they want, when they want to see it. Becoming part of the European Broadcasting Union in 2005 brought about many changes and improvements for Armenian Public Television. Armenia gained the ability and right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, a vastly popular event for over fifty years. Now all programming is or in process of being translated into Armenian for all of the viewing audience.

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