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Coming to your home, directly and from its satellite transmission, is the popular network known as Almavision. An American Christian programming TV network that also has north and Central American affiliates features the best coverage on the Vision for the Souls (translated means Almavision). Juan “Bruno” Caamaño founded Almavision and it began broadcasting in December of 2002 in Los Angeles, California. Almavision has a strong program line up which includes “Good Morning Miami” with host Claudia Pinzon, as well as talent shows and other shows relevant to the Christian world. It is the largest and most watched Christian television station in South Florida and its radio affiliate is also the most listened to in that part of the U.S. President of the Almavision Miami division is Pastor Daniel Caamaño who is responsible for the wide variety of programming to be found on that popular network. Almavision television can be found around the globe in the Spanish language with interpretation available in many languages.

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