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Alhurra TV («The free» in English) is the news television channel sponsored by USA government thru the “Middle East Broadcasting Networks”. Alhurra TV is often criticized for its still negative perception by the Middle East audience the channel primarily is targeted on. Named by some of the critics as “Still Bad Idea”, Alhurra TV tries its best to achieve recognition of Muslim audience since the launch date in February 14, 2004. As it was said by Shibley Telhami, a Middle East expert "It doesn't mean people never watch Alhurra … but it's not where they go for news…”. Due to expand the audience Alhurra TV purchased some BBC documentaries recently to make its programming more attractive and launced Alhure TV Live in the Internet. The most well known Alhurra programs are Al Youm, Free Hour, The World Now, Eye on Democracy, Almajalla, Stories with Akram Khuzam, Gulf Talks, High Speed, In Iraqi, The World Today, Global Reportage, Final Edition, Places and the i-Tech.

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