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Alfa Omega TV

Romanian  |  Non-profits & Activism
A Romanian Christian organization that is media oriented with high Christian values promises to provide a wealth of value to its viewers in Romania and beyond. The Romanian Audiovisual Authority put the Alfa Omega TV channel on its list of must have programming channels in 2010 and it has since proven to be in the top twenty five most watched channels in all of Romania. With free coverage from satellite Alfa Omega TV can be viewed over North Africa, Europe, and also the Middle East. Inspirational viewing is often difficult to find, at least the type of inspiring shows that are family oriented and of high value when it comes to story ideas and concepts of religious worthiness. The ministry is well covered by programs designed to teach as well as entertain, making them easy to view and inviting to return to. Romania is truly in the forefront when it comes to making inspirational programming available to the Christian world.

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