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Al Karma TV

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
AlKarma, or Al-Karma TV is Arabian language channel aimed at Christian community living in the Middle East region. The channel is dedicated to “telling the glory of God and preaching the gospel of salvation of Christ to all the people through the dissemination of the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ”. Al Karma TV channel provides all the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word of Life Church with the looting of the Holy Spirit. The channel has no political affiliation, religious or sectarian bias. Al Karma tries to provide assistance to the extent possible, spiritually and materially and morally abilities of any person in real need, regardless of their origin, religious or ideological inclinations. The channel broadcast throughout the day via satellite covering the North America, Middle East and Europe, it also is available live on the Internet as Al-Karma Live. The channel is running continuously to reach the millions by gospel message, thanks to the prayers encouragement and donations.

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