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Arabic  |  News & Politics
Al Jazeera Arabic is the Qatar-based international TV channel broadcasting in Arabic language. In contrast to its sister channel, “Al Jazeera English”, airing predominately adapted programming Al Jazeera Arabic features only original programs targeted on Middle East audience. Started in 1996, now it becomes one of the most recognizable brands in news television industry. Al Jazeera Arabic available both via satellite and Internet as Al Jazeera Arabic Live. Since it delivers a new level freedom of speech on TV, previously unseen in many of Middle Eastern counties, Al Jazeera rightly earned recognition of its target audience quickly transferred into greatest viewership among other TV channels of the region. As one of the most influencing TV channels, Al Jazeera has a strong impact on political processes in Middle East, and often serves as a sole source if trustworthy information about complicated causations such as Israel-Palestinian conflict and post-War processes in Iraq.

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