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Arabic  |  News & Politics
The coverage of Al-Alam television is immense thanks to satellite transmissions and the demand for news of a political, business, and sports minded nature. Such programming as analysis and commentaries can be found spoken in Arabic for the millions around the globe who speak the language of the regions of the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean. With news bureaus in Baghdad, Beirut, and Tehran Al-Alam television provides excellent coverage of the events of the day as well as entertainment and business news. There is an English language version called Alalam News that has been broadcasting since August 15, 2006 that claims to provide the news coverage impartially making it an alternative to the Persian version. The twenty four hour per day Arabic language channel, otherwise knows as “The World” broadcasts to Iraq from its neighbor Iran and emphasizes the impact that war has on civilians or ordinary people. As an alternative to the constant diet of Saddam Hussein decree type programming, Al-Alam News offers a more entertaining and informative style that is honest and reliable.

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