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Access Pittsfield TV channel is a public access station available via cable networks for the residents of Pittsfield community and on the Web as the “Access Pittsfield Live”. The Access Pittsfield TV’s mission is to provide relevant and in-time information about Pittsfield government activities, local news and events. Access Pittsfield’s schedule includes following programs: “Berkshire Health Program” with Dr. Ed Hornstein; “Geeks with Issues Topic: “Podslushed”; “For Your Information...” hosted by Pat Gormalley; “Your Positive Astrology” presented by Jackie and Don Wescott; “Health Talk” with Dr. Scott Garber; “Berkshire Health Program” hosted by Dr. Ed Hornstein; “The Lion's Den” presented by Pat Hunt, Dick Laing and special guests; “Your Positive Astrology” with Jackie and Don Wescott; “Health Talk” hosted by Dr. Scott Garber; “Together We Prepare” presented by Nina Silver; “The George Morrell Show”; “Inside HospiceCare” with Jane Salata and her guests; “GOAL” hosted by Peter McBride; “Community Matters” presented by Kristine Hazzard; “InfoSource” with John Krol and his very special guests; and “Purr, Wag & Adopt...” presented by the Berkshire Humane Society.

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