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Typically you can find a wealth of watchable as well as informative television programming on educational TV channels such as ATTV from Florida’s University. Here is where innovative production results in high quality programs well worth viewing. All ages generally are welcome to see the latest from students who are making the art of television production their specialty, those who are learning as they progress through their schooling and develop a passion for their trade. Local TV programming will offer news and entertainment from the local perspective with emphasis on the community and its people. Emphasis is placed on educating the public on a wide range of topics such as history of the area, leadership and how government works most effectively, and environmental issues that are the most relevant to the area. When students get behind the camera there is definitely a connection that will forever draw them to producing the highest quality possible in their chosen trade and even if they move on to other venues later on, they will be the better for their experiences at ATTV educational television.

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