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Armenian  |  News & Politics
With a wide variety of diverse and highly interesting shows to choose from, Armenians appreciate ARTN TV. Plenty of news programs throughout the day as well as such interesting shows as In The Army and Criminal Hour keep viewers informed and entertained each and every day. Watch Mer Show (a hysterically funny program), Rich Generation (revolves around a mother and daughter who’ve become involved in a web of intrigue when they are submerged in drugs and illegal entry into the U.S.). How about games shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Or perhaps Dreams, a new TV series will interest with its ongoing story about love and torture, hatred and lies, regrets and forgiveness in a story about our days. High quality programs are repeated throughout the day so that most viewers can select when they want to view their shows. News is always important and keeping up to the minute is easy on ARTN TV in Armenia. Digital quality makes the viewing even more enjoyable and most programs are now presented in full digital quality.

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