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The source of AGL Music TV is found in Haiti yet it can be viewed around the world through internet access and live streaming. While it is impossible to have access to every nation’s programming of television through direct means such as by direct or satellite connectivity, the internet makes it possible to stream programs live and free of cost to the millions who wish to view them. When it is music television the viewers want to watch that often includes concerts, awards programs, music videos, news pertaining to the music industry, and reviews of new musical talent. The ability to live stream from television channels is made possible through the internet and access to a computer. The music TV revolution began in the early 80’s and has progressed until today where it is enormously popular around the globe. Music is an international language all its own and each country and nationality loves their own form of musical entertainment. The ability to be able to tune in and watch or just listen makes music TV more popular each and every day.

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