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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
ACCTV is the Australian Christian Channel aimed to provide a balanced Christian teaching thru perfectly selecting religious programming: Behind the Sun, Building God's People, Choose Life, Copying Beethoven, D.O.P.E, Derek Prince, Devotions, Director's Cut, Discovery Jones, Explore the Wildlife Kingdom, Firestorm, Flying Through the Gospels, Heidi, Hillsong Kids, Hillsong Kids - Jesus is My Superhero, Home Beyond the Sun, Icon, In Touch, Influence Living, Introducing the Bible, It is Written, Jewish Jewels, Joseph Prince: Destined to Reign, Journey Into the Unknown, Julie Miller, Just 10, Lifesource, Liquid Thunder, Live from Studio B, Living the Life, Living Truth, Luther, One Cubed, One Night with the King, Open Home, Open Bible, Opening the Door to Luther, Positive Hits, Precious Memories, Quick Study, Refined, Requiem, Revolution, RiverviewLIVE, September, Solomon's Temple, Stepping Up, Superbook, The 700 Club, The Better Hour, The Gospel Revue, The Imposter, The Men's Series, The Messenger, The Red Fury, The Revolution TV, The Sky Under the Dust, The Sword, The Uprising, TheDRIVEtv, Top 3, Virgin Wedding, Wisdom for Life, Your Best Life with Phil Pringle and Youth Bytes.

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