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ABS brings Good Morning to Antigua to the Caribbean and it has become the “hottest” of all breakfast morning programs on TV or radio! Choices in quality programming are wide and the viewers always get what they want (to watch) on a daily basis. Good Morning Antigua is but one of the many exciting and thought provoking programming choices to be found on ABS TV. Hosts Dave Lester Payne along with Brucella Marsh and Eldeana Eudelle provide the type and style of showmanship and news analysis that the people of Antigua and Barbuda want to see any time of the day, and especially as a wake up call each morning of the week. Also see programs on the internet through your computer as well as locally televised shows such as entertainment programs, news, action packed or dramatic movies and plenty of comedy series, each of which are rated high for their quality of content. Viewers can watch virtually any time of the day or night because of live streaming capability and there is always something worth watching to be seen on ABS TV broadcasting from Antigua for those who live in and around the Caribbean and around the world thanks to live streaming.

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