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Albanian  |  News & Politics
With the reputation of being the most authentic and factual news station broadcasting from Albania, News 24 keeps it real every day as they stream live news stories to their dedicated viewers. A large majority of those who live in or near Albania find it beneficial to tune in to watch as news happens live. News 24 is where it is at to find out what is happening, both locally as well as internationally, each and every day. Current news items are crucial to many and they watch with much anticipation as stories unfold on a daily basis. An example of current and important news items is the one regarding “Albania risks gender imbalance” which is important because there is currently a limit on sexes being born in several countries including Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Albania. Abortion has been the procedure that is preferred but there are limits on them. Apparently fathers have become violent when their wives failed to give them sons in some instances. However it is biologically proven that the male determines the sex of a fetus upon conception. Just another story to be discussed behind closed doors in Albania

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