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ABC Albania

Albanian  |  News & Politics
Around Albania as well as around the globe ABC (Albanian Broadcasting Corporation) Albania Television provides news, news, and more news! You can find up to the minute coverage of nearly any hot news topic available by streaming live directly onto your computer or an internet capable television set. News is always a desirable commodity and people around the world desire to keep up with what is happening every day and at all times of the day or night. Not to be confused by ABC or the American Broadcasting Corporation, the Albanian station provides complete and up to the minute news and information for the area in and around Albania. ABC News is purely considered to be a news only channel that was formerly known as Telenorba Shqiptare. There they update their live streaming news constantly and have become the favorite station of news junkies as well as Albanian institutions throughout the area. A large majority of those who live in and near Albania tune in to ABC News to find out what is happening, both locally and globally, each and every day.

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