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Spanish  |  Entertainment
Broadcasting twenty four hours each and every day is a major commitment to their viewing audience and those at 360 TV are dedicated to provide citizens with an entirely new method of making sure free television is available to them all. Quality programs are being aired, which will also provide an interaction between the viewers, insuring that all people will be treated as citizens and never merely as consumers. 360 TV provides a showcase for media professionals in Argentina intending to give a boost to their professional image. The channel broadcasts twenty four hours a day seven days each week and every day of every year. Viewers can expect to see plenty of entertainment programming such as news, cultural shows, and entertainment such as talk shows, variety, situation comedies, and much much more. 360 TV is a new DTT channel from the leading producer in Argentinean TV, ON TV Contenidos assures the viewers that all the best in programming will be on their channel, 360 TV.

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