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Ukrainian  |  News & Politics
As the very first channel to provide daily news for those in the Ukraine 24tv has been the primary source of regional news for the area for quite some time and their programming schedule includes up to the minute news, entertainment, sports, and other programming options. The channel can be found by live streaming virtually everywhere. 24tv is the first news oriented television channel broadcasting from the Ukraine and has a widely unique format for an audience that chooses to watch news at any time of the day, 24 hours each day. If you wish to view political, business, short documentaries, up to the minute weather forecasts, or sports programs you can rely on 24tv to provide exactly what you wish to view. Men aged twenty five to fifty have been determined to be a core audience for 24tv since its inception. The average viewer may be a business manager, CEO, or other leaders in their industry, typically in the higher income brackets. They are a loyal audience who appreciate viewing high quality news.

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