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You Deserve It

English  |  Reality & Talk Shows
Those who love to get that fuzzy and warm all over feeling while watching the Home Edition of Extreme Home Makeover will surely appreciate the latest concept in trivia game shows called You Deserve It! The show’s premise is that the contestant is not trying to win big bucks or great prizes for themselves but rather for someone they care about, someone who deserves a reward. The true winners in this game show may well be us, the viewing audience! The Pay it Forward concept has become a movement lately with people paying off lay away bills for complete strangers and many more than usual buying gifts for children and adults who would otherwise have a bleak holiday season. This trivia game show finds one contestant per show answering trivial but challenging questions and their reward is making someone else happy. The contestant has chosen a recipient based on their needs. The first episode finds a young woman named Stacey who plays the game hoping to win money for her best friend. The friend, a mother of two, has recently lost her husband. This selfless act of kindness can bring us all to tears as we watch her win for her deserving friend. Not just another game show but rather an uplifting emotional study in human nature.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E06  Episode 6    
Season 1 Episode 6: Episode 6   
"It Fits Right in!" Clip (02:04)   
"Most People Have Them!" Clip (02:07)   
It Fits Right in! (02:04)   
Most People Have Them! (02:07)   
S01:E05  Episode 5    
Season 1 Episode 5: Episode 5   
"Meet Pam Kellough!" Clip (01:56)   
"That Ah-Ha Moment!" Clip (01:58)   
Meet Pam Kellough! (01:56)   
That Ah-Ha Moment! (01:58)   
S01:E04  Episode 4    
Season 1 Episode 4: Episode 4   
"That Ah-Ha Moment!" Clip (02:30)   
"Part Skill, Part Luck!" Clip (02:04)   
Part Skill, Part Luck! (02:04)   
That Ah-Ha Moment! (02:30)   
S01:E03  Episode 3    
Season 1 Episode 3: Episode 3   
"Here's the Next Clue!" Clip (02:12)   
"Pick a Number!" Clip (02:16)   
Here's the Next Clue! (02:12)   
Pick a Number! (02:16)   
S01:E02  Episode 2    
Season 1 Episode 2: Episode 2   
"Light It up!" Clip (01:37)   
"Lock It in!" Clip (01:39)   
Light It up! (01:37)   
Lock It in! (01:39)   
S01:E01  Episode 1    
Season 1 Episode 1: Episode 1   
"I Feel So Good About This!" Clip (02:07)   
"Double Michelle's Money!" Clip (02:15)   
Double Michelle's Money! (02:15)   
I Feel So Good About This! (02:07)   

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