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English  |  Business & Finance
It seems like having on board one the most talented actress of contemporaneity, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, secures Veep feature in HBO prime-time. And this is not only the argument in a favor of cloudless long-time existence of this television series. It’s clearly behind all the doubts for those who are familiar with Armando Iannucci’s oeuvre – Veep is the first US series created by this famous European director. Therefore, let’s begin with the plot. The main protagonist Selina Meyer portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, takes the position of Vice-President of United States (where the show’s name Veep, strictly speaking, derives from). Her dream career turns out to be more complicated thing than she ever expected. Everything she was warned about come to reality: more power – more troubles. Her jocundity and buoyancy will be in help to organize all the surrounding chaos in the truly productive environment. She tries to team up the people around her in the effective way (at least as she envisage it). Here we met the rest of the great Veep’s cast. Let’s start with Reid Scott - you may know him as Peter from The Best Friends Forever TV show as well as William Leeds from Missing William; another projects where Reid Scott was involved, includes: Hot in Cleveland, The Big C and My Boys. Another star performing in Veep is Tony Hale. Remember Arrested Development, Flatland and Human Target? There we came closer to the dessert: gorgeous and handsome Anna Chlumsky (as Amy Brookheimer, Chief of Staff), continues the row of youngsters performing in this new enthralling HBO’s TV show.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S02:E10  D.C.    
Deleted Scenes: Networking 101   
Clip: Don't Ask, Don't Tell   
S02:E09  Running    
Clip : The No BS VP   
Deleted Scenes: Running Into Trouble   
S02:E08  First Response    
Deleted Scenes: Honest Assessments   
S02:E07  Shutdown    
Clip: Man's Voice   
Deleted Scenes: Alter Egos   
S02:E06  Andrew    
Deleted Scenes: No Mercy   
Clip: The Fluffer   
S02:E05  Helsinki    
Clip: Silently Judging   
Deleted Scenes: Straight to Hell   
S02:E04  The Vic Allen Dinner    
Clip - No Witnesses   
Deleted Scenes: Reality Checks and Balances   
S02:E03  Hostages    
Deleted Scenes: The VP A-Team   
S02:E02  Signals    
Clip - People Skills   
Deleted Scenes: Job Perks   
Deleted Scenes: Communication Breakdown   
S02:E01  Midterms    
Clip: It Depends on the Vice President   
Deleted Scenes: Beltway Bullies   
Deleted Scenes: Behind Closed Doors   
S01:E08  Tears    
Deleted Scenes - Congressman Furlong   
Deleted Scenes - Brain Trust   
S01:E07  Full Disclosure    
Deleted Scenes - Full Disclosure   
Deleted Scenes - The Most Important Meal   
S01:E06  Baseball    
Deleted Scene - Amy and Dan   
Deleted Scene - Jonah   
S01:E05  Nicknames    
Deleted Scene - Is Dan in Love?   
S01:E04  Chung    
Deleted Scene - Memory Stick   
S01:E03  Catherine    
Season 1 Episode 3: Catherine   
Deleted Scene - Lady Chatterly's Lover   
Deleted Scenes - Survivors   
S01:E02  Frozen Yoghurt    
Season 1 Episode 2: Frozen Yoghurt   
Deleted Scene - Unsecured Vehicle   
Deleted Scenes - Office Politics   
S01:E01  Fundraiser    
Season 1 Episode 1: Fundraiser   
Deleted Scene - Retard Call   
Deleted Scenes - Behind the Podium   

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