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English  |  Action & Adventure
“Trauma” survived almost a whole season in NBC’s primetime line-up, but it ultimately became a victim of the Jay Leno scheduling brouhaha and its own penchant for taking itself much too seriously. The promotional materials for “Trauma” declared, “Executive producer Peter Berg delivers…the first high-octane medical drama series to live exclusively in the field where the real action is.” The promo went on to describe “Trauma” as “an adrenaline shot to the heart," but viewers tended to characterize it as a sedative shot to higher consciousness, complaining that characters were stereotypic and plots were contrived. For all of its melodrama, “Trauma” did set valuable precedents for other, better-written medical dramas: The plots promoted paramedics and nurses over physicians as the true wonderworkers of emergency medicine, and the paramedic team included an openly gay character whom the writers treated with considerable insight and sensitivity. Held against TLC’s “Life in the ER,” “Trauma” betrayed its promise of realism, but it occasionally showed the promise of medical dramas focused on real caregivers instead of over-educated biochemists.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E18  Crossed Wires    
Complete Season   
"Crossed Wires" Full Episode (42:36)   
Crossed Wires (42:36)   
"Not So Easy" Clip (03:21)   
Not So Easy (03:21)   
S01:E17  Sweet Jane    
Complete Season   
"Sweet Jane" Full Episode (43:07)   
Sweet Jane (43:07)   
"Tyler's Story" Clip (00:55)   
Tyler's Story (00:55)   
S01:E16  Frequent Fliers    
Complete Season   
"Frequent Fliers" Full Episode (42:30)   
Frequent Fliers (42:30)   
"The New Boss" Clip (02:01)   
The New Boss (02:01)   
S01:E15  Scope of Practice    
Complete Season   
"Scope of Practice" Full Episode (42:42)   
Scope of Practice (42:42)   
"The Breaking Point" Clip (03:00)   
The Breaking Point (03:00)   
S01:E14  Targets    
Complete Season   
"Targets" Full Episode (42:24)   
Targets (42:24)   
"One Smart Rabbit" Clip (02:56)   
One Smart Rabbit (02:56)   
S01:E13  13    
Complete Season   
"13" Full Episode (43:27)   
13 (43:27)   
"Wake Up Call" Clip (02:24)   
Wake Up Call (02:24)   
S01:E12  Protocol    
Complete Season   
"Protocol" Full Episode (43:11)   
Protocol (43:11)   
"Flat" Clip (03:23)   
Flat (03:23)   
S01:E11  Tunnel Vision    
Complete Season   
"Tunnel Vision" Full Episode (42:18)   
Tunnel Vision (42:18)   
"Blood" Clip (01:03)   
Blood (01:03)   
S01:E10  Blue Balloon    
Complete Season   
"Blue Balloon" Full Episode (42:20)   
Blue Balloon (42:20)   
"Missing Helicopter" Clip (03:17)   
Missing Helicopter (03:17)   
S01:E09  Thank You    
Complete Season   
"Thank You" Full Episode (42:42)   
Thank You (42:42)   
"True Feelings" Clip (03:35)   
True Feelings (03:35)   
S01:E08  M'aidez    
Complete Season   
"M'aidez" Full Episode (42:17)   
M'aidez (42:17)   
"Air Delivery" Clip (03:15)   
Air Delivery (03:15)   
S01:E07  That Fragile Hour    
Complete Season   
"That Fragile Hour" Full Episode (42:15)   
That Fragile Hour (42:15)   
"Attack" Clip (02:13)   
Attack (02:13)   
S01:E06  Home Court    
Complete Season   
"Home Court" Full Episode (42:10)   
Home Court (42:10)   
"Saving a Friend" Clip (03:25)   
Saving a Friend (03:25)   
S01:E05  Masquerade    
Complete Season   
"Masquerade" Full Episode (42:09)   
Masquerade (42:09)   
"Tyler's Secret" Clip (01:21)   
Tyler's Secret (01:21)   
S01:E04  Stuck    
Complete Season   
"Stuck" Full Episode (42:27)   
Stuck (42:27)   
"Impaled" Clip (02:13)   
Impaled (02:13)   
S01:E03  Bad Day at Work    
Complete Season   
"Bad Day at Work" Full Episode (42:12)   
Bad Day at Work (42:12)   
"Face-to-Face" Clip (01:35)   
Face-to-Face (01:35)   
S01:E02  All's Fair    
Complete Season   
"All's Fair" Full Episode (42:17)   
All's Fair (42:17)   
"Don't Doubt Me" Clip (02:01)   
Don't Doubt Me (02:01)   
S01:E01  Trauma: COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"Pilot" Full Episode (43:05)   
Pilot (43:05)   
"Explosion" Clip (02:28)   
Explosion (02:28)   
S00:Video  Fan Questions Answered, Part 3    
Complete Season   
"Fan Questions Answered, Part 3" Clip (04:20)   
S00:Video  When We Were Alive    
Complete Season   
"When We Were Alive" Clip (00:51)   
S00:Video  Fan Questions Answered, Part 4    
Complete Season   
"Fan Questions Answered, Part 4" Clip (02:38)   
S00:Video  Fan Questions Answered, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Fan Questions Answered, Part 1" Clip (03:33)   
S00:Video  Fan Questions Answered, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Fan Questions Answered, Part 2" Clip (03:57)   

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