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English  |  Drama
As Martin Bohm, father of an emotionally challenged boy of 11, we find Kiefer Sutherland bringing an emotional character to life as he tries to understand what makes his son “tick”. Martin’s son Jacob (who also goes by Jake) has been caught up in a world of his own since his mother perished during the attacks of September 11, 2001. He sees events in the future and seems obsessed by numbers. This series blends spirituality with science as we find out about the connections that bind all of humanity together in ways hidden from normal view. The 11 year old boy may well hold the key to shaping the planet’s destiny. The supernatural Touch has a spectacular cast beginning with Kiefer Sutherland (24, The Cowboy Way) as the father Martin Bohm, his son Jake Bohm is portrayed by David Mazouz (TV’s Criminal Minds, Mike & Molly), Professor Arthur Teller is played by Danny Glover (the Lethal Weapon series, The Color Purple). Professor Teller and Jake’s dad Martin Bohm try to solve the puzzle that is Jake’s mind and find a way to break through to him. This series hold promise of becoming a “must see” each week!
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E13  The Road Not Taken    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 13: The Road Not Taken   
"The Road Not Taken" Full Episode (42:51)   
S01:E12  Gyre Part 2    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 12: Gyre Part 2   
"Gyre, Part 2" Full Episode (44:02)   
S01:E11  Gyre    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 11: Gyre   
"Gyre, Part 1" Full Episode (44:02)   
S01:E10  Tessellations    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 10: Tessellations   
"Tessellations" Full Episode (44:04)   
S01:E09  Music of the Spheres    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 9: Music of the Spheres   
"Music of the Spheres" Full Episode (44:03)   
S01:E08  Zone of Exclusion    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 8: Zone of Exclusion   
"Zone of Exclusion" Full Episode (44:06)   
S01:E07  Noosphere Rising    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 7: Noosphere Rising   
"Noosphere Rising" Full Episode (44:04)   
S01:E06  Lost and Found    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 6: Lost and Found   
"Lost and Found" Full Episode (44:03)   
"Sneak Peek: Lost & Found" Clip (01:33)   
S01:E05  Entanglement    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 5: Entanglement   
"Entanglement" Full Episode (43:06)   
S01:E04  Kite Strings    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 4: Kite Strings   
"Kite Strings" Full Episode (44:05)   
S01:E03  Safety in Numbers    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 3: Safety in Numbers   
"Safety in Numbers" Full Episode (44:03)   
S01:E02  1+1=3    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: 1+1=3   
"1+1=3" Full Episode (44:01)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
"Pilot" Full Episode (50:14)   
"Ratios & Patterns" Clip (01:02)   
S00:Video  Fall Preview 2012: Touch    
Complete Season   
"Fall Preview 2012: Touch" Clip (1:13)   
S00:Video  First Look: Touch    
Complete Season   
"First Look: Touch" Clip (02:27)   
S00:Video  Global Tour: London    
Complete Season   
"Global Tour: London" Clip (02:23)   
S00:Video  Not Listening    
Complete Season   
"Not Listening" Clip (01:03)   
S00:Video  Communicate    
Complete Season   
"Communicate" Clip (00:54)   
S00:Video  Thread: Pilot    
Complete Season   
"Thread: Pilot" Clip (02:15)   
S00:Video  Global Tour: Moscow    
Complete Season   
"Global Tour: Moscow" Clip (02:18)   
S00:Video  Incoming Call    
Complete Season   
"Incoming Call" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Sneak Peek: Gyre, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Sneak Peek: Gyre, Part 2" Clip (01:21)   
S00:Video  Music of the Spheres    
Complete Season   
"Music of the Spheres" Clip (01:34)   
S00:Video  Good Care    
Complete Season   
"Good Care" Clip (00:43)   
S00:Video  Global Tour: Berlin    
Complete Season   
"Global Tour: Berlin" Clip (02:12)   
S00:Video  A Global Conversation    
Complete Season   
"A Global Conversation" Clip (02:00)   
S00:Video  Global Tour: Madrid    
Complete Season   
"Global Tour: Madrid" Clip (02:25)   

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