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The World According to Paris

English  |  Reality & Talk Shows
Another American reality based show on the TV? Well why not as they are all cash cows for the networks that produce them. This time around we can observe the ultra wealthy Paris Hilton as she goes about her “normal” every day affairs. Co-starring with Paris is Brooke Mueller former wife of Charlie Sheen (and mother to their twin boys Bob and Max). The concept here is somewhat based on how difficult it can be to be famous. Constantly hounded by the paparazzi who follow her every movement, Paris Hilton must find ways to avoid them when ever possible. Paris Hilton has been successful in her primary role in life; that being as a wealthy socialite who does not need to do anything unless she wants to. Her reality show has been compared with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” as being light yet intriguing fluff that some find amusing. The TV program takes us along as Paris and Brooke travel to Las Vegas, Spain, or Cabo for some drama and or romance.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E07  Paris and Jen Interview Assistants    
Complete Season   
"Paris and Jen Interview Assistants" Clip (02:02)   
"Brooke Apologizes to Double Date" Clip (02:35)   
Brooke Apologizes to Double Date (02:35)   
Paris and Jen Interview Assistants (02:02)   
S01:E06  Dog Shelter, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Dog Shelter, Part 1" Clip (01:46)   
"Dog Shelter, Part 2" Clip (01:44)   
Dog Shelter, Part 1 (01:46)   
Dog Shelter, Part 2 (01:44)   
S01:E04  Lexi Shops for G-Strings    
Complete Season   
"Lexi Shops for G-Strings" Clip (01:38)   
"Brook Invites Kristen to Aspen" Clip (02:20)   
Brook Invites Kristen to Aspen (02:20)   
Lexi Shops for G-Strings (01:38)   
S01:E03  Going to Bed    
Complete Season   
"Going to Bed" Clip (01:01)   
"Verve Photoshoot" Clip (02:16)   
Verve Photoshoot (02:16)   
Going to Bed (01:01)   
S01:E02  Kristen and Brooke Double Date    
Complete Season   
"Kristen and Brooke Double Date" Clip (02:48)   
"Lexi and Paris Read Fan Mail" Clip (02:08)   
Kristen and Brooke Double Date (02:48)   
Lexi and Paris Read Fan Mail (02:08)   
S01:E01  Complete Season    
Complete Season   
S00:Video  Paris Bonus 1    
Complete Season   
"Paris Bonus 1" Clip (04:37)   
S00:Video  Paris Trailer    
Complete Season   
"Paris Trailer" Clip (01:24)   
S00:Video  Paris Bonus 2    
Complete Season   
"Paris Bonus 2" Clip (03:33)   
S00:Video  Paris Bonus 3    
Complete Season   
"Paris Bonus 3" Clip (03:16)   

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