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The Real Housewives of New York City

English  |  Reality & Talk Shows
The second in row franchise of Housewives, The Real Housewives of New York City is a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Orange County stared in 2008. In the nutshell of this reality TV series lays on simple idea: to show real live of rich women in some way everybody wants to see it. They are rich; some of them own their business, as Ramona Singer who runs clothes wholesale company RMS Fashions and skin care brand TruRenewal. Unlike the others wives both current and former, she and Heather Thomson are the only real businesswomen in series. The rest of them are musicians (as LuAnn de Lesseps), writers (Sonja Morgan), journalists (Carole Radziwill) and just rich woman (Aviva Drescher). You can hardly find the differences between “New York City” housewives and other spin-offs like “New Jersey”, “Beverly Hills” and “Orange County”. However, if you like this kind of reality television you will definitely find The Real Housewives of New York City notably entertaining.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S05:E17  Don't Make Room for Daddy    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 17: Don't Make Room for Daddy   
S05:E16  What Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. Barths    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 16: What Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. Barths   
S05:E15  Vacation, All I Never Wanted    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 15: Vacation, All I Never Wanted   
"Vacation, All I Never Wanted" Full Episode (44:17)   
S05:E14  Slutty Island    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 14: Slutty Island   
"Slutty Island" Full Episode (44:15)   
S05:E13  Pirate Booty Call    
Complete Season   
"Pirate Booty Call" Full Episode (44:17)   
S05:E11  This Party Is Toast    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 11: This Party Is Toast   
"Cock Rings, Ball Gags, and Lizards" Clip (02:30)   
"Things Heat up in New York" Clip (00:55)   
S05:E10  You Want to What Me in the Where?    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 10: You Want to What Me in the Where?   
"What Are the Words to Jingle Bells?" Clip (02:27)   
"Setup to Fail" Clip (02:25)   
"Native American vs. Indian" Clip (02:03)   
"All in or Get Out" Clip (02:29)   
S05:E09  Dirty Ol' Dad    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 9: Dirty Ol' Dad   
"Carole's First Squirting Orgasm" Clip (01:51)   
"Giving Birth Is Like Pooping?" Clip (02:05)   
"George's Boner" Clip (01:48)   
"Too Much for Sonja?" Clip (03:02)   
"Raunchy Facial Yoga" Clip (02:14)   
S05:E08  Ramona Knows Her Wines    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Knows Her Wines" Clip (02:23)   
"Aviva's Outrageous and Raunchy Dad" Clip (04:10)   
"Sonja's Veritable Milk Store" Clip (02:07)   
"Things Are About to Explode in New York" Clip (01:43)   
"The Power of Viagra" Clip (01:41)   
"A Trip Where Ramona's Invited" Clip (01:05)   
"Ramona Doesn't Need No Stinking Rules!" Clip (01:35)   
S05:E07  Good Trip, Bad Fall    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 7: Good Trip, Bad Fall   
"An Awkward Performance" Clip (02:58)   
"Belonging in Downtown" Clip (02:17)   
"Sonja's Gloves Are Off" Clip (01:06)   
"Dealing With the One Upper" Clip (00:59)   
"One Upping the One Upper" Clip (00:54)   
"Face Full of Ass Water" Clip (02:14)   
S05:E06  Like Talking to a Six Year Old    
Complete Season   
"Like Talking to a Six Year Old" Clip (03:08)   
"The Fighting Gets Better and Better" Clip (02:40)   
"In the Butt and On a Ping Pong Table" Clip (01:15)   
"Ramona's Other Child" Clip (02:26)   
"Jealous of Ramona or Just Insecure?" Clip (02:00)   
"Heather's Lost Her Mind" Clip (02:19)   
"Wonder What the Girls Are Doing in London" Clip (00:45)   
S05:E05  The Cool Girls    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 5: The Cool Girls   
"The Cool Girls" Full Episode (44:21)   
"Princess Carole" Clip (01:19)   
"Ramona's Stuck in a Rut" Clip (02:33)   
"Ramona's Still Upset About London" Clip (03:20)   
"What Did He Just Say?" Clip (02:23)   
"Not Paid But Still Working" Clip (01:56)   
"Ovulating, Invitations, and a Princess" Clip (00:47)   
S05:E04  Diss-Invite    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 4: Diss-Invite   
"Diss-Invite" Full Episode (44:20)   
"The College Tour" Clip (02:57)   
"With Ramona or Against Ramona" Clip (01:53)   
"You've Got Mail" Clip (01:59)   
"Diss-Invite Sneak Peek, Part 1" Clip (04:34)   
"Diss-Invite Sneak Peek, Part 3" Clip (03:21)   
"Diss-Invite Sneak Peek, Part 2" Clip (02:30)   
"Ramona Not Invited" Clip (01:42)   
"Battle of the Talkers" Clip (02:03)   
S05:E03  Boozy Brunch    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 3: Boozy Brunch   
"Get the Paramedics Ready!" Clip (00:53)   
"Carole's Autobiographical Fiction?" Clip (02:09)   
"Ramona's Genuine Apology" Clip (01:15)   
"Ramona's Guide to Business" Clip (03:38)   
"Ramona Against the Others" Clip (00:47)   
"Boozy Brunch Sneak Peek, Part 2" Clip (03:07)   
"Boozy Brunch Sneak Peek, Part 3" Clip (03:56)   
"Boozy Brunch Sneak Peek, Part 1" Clip (04:48)   
"One Degree of Aviva's Ex" Clip (01:22)   
"Big Ego, Pregnancy, and Flirting in Front of Wives" Clip (00:52)   
"Fertile Myrtle Has Wandered Into the Pasture" Clip (01:57)   
S05:E02  Say What You Mean, Just Don't Say It Mean    
Complete Season   
Season 5 Episode 2: Say What You Mean, Just Don't Say It Mean   
"Music and Manhattan" Clip (02:22)   
"The Blow Out Between LuAnn and Ramona" Clip (01:51)   
"Where's Sonja?" Clip (02:28)   
"Smashing Balls" Clip (02:29)   
"It's a Housewife Showdown" Clip (00:20)   
"Say What You Mean Sneak Peek, Part 2" Clip (03:07)   
"Say What You Mean Sneak Peek, Part 3" Clip (03:26)   
"Cannot See Eye to Eye" Clip (02:37)   
"Say What You Mean Sneak Peek, Part 1" Clip (04:18)   
"Aviva's Ex Gets Around" Clip (01:55)   
"Carole's Cool But Casual Aerosmith Relationship" Clip (01:56)   
S05:E01  A New New York    
Complete Season   
"A New New York" Full Episode (1:06:10)   
"When Chatterboxes Meet" Clip (02:40)   
"Crossing the Line With LuAnn" Clip (01:54)   
"Can Ramona and LuAnn Be Friends?" Clip (01:39)   
"Going After LuAnn's Kids" Clip (03:19)   
"Get Ramona Her Wine!" Clip (01:00)   
"Must Be High On the High Road" Clip (02:47)   
"Aviva's Third Leg" Clip (01:45)   
"Strangling Ramona" Clip (02:46)   
"New York, New Housewives, Good Luck!" Clip (00:30)   
S04:E18  Is Jill a Hypocrite?    
Complete Season   
"Is Jill a Hypocrite?" Clip (02:42)   
"LuAnn's Sugarcoating Insults" Clip (02:31)   
"The Boys' Recording Session" Clip (03:48)   
"The Price of Beauty in New York City" Clip (02:03)   
"Ramona's International Incident" Clip (02:53)   
"Playing Professional Victims of Tweeting" Clip (01:02)   
"Ramona's Drinking Problem?" Clip (01:31)   
S04:E17  The Wives Just Don't Shut up!    
Complete Season   
"The Wives Just Don't Shut up!" Clip (01:04)   
"Reliving the Regrettable Moments" Clip (01:44)   
"Who's an Effin' Bitch?" Clip (01:55)   
"The Real Scoop on Sonja's Finances" Clip (03:44)   
"This is Why Andy Loves These NYC Ladies" Clip (00:29)   
"Worst or Best Outfit?" Clip (02:22)   
"The New York Wives as Porn Stars" Clip (01:51)   
"Anyone Nervous?" Clip (04:28)   
"Supersized Drama for a Supersized Reunion" Clip (01:21)   
"Ramona and LuAnn Go at It at the Reunion" Clip (01:51)   
"Cosmo Rated Kelly As a Nice Person So It Must Be True!" Clip (01:45)   
S04:E16  Natalie Cole and LuAnn Perform    
Complete Season   
"Natalie Cole and LuAnn Perform" Clip (03:07)   
"LuAnn Sings with Natalie Cole" Clip (01:27)   
"Is Ramona Pregnant?" Clip (01:11)   
"The Leopard Bobbsey Twins Pee On a Stick" Clip (02:45)   
S04:E15  Ramona Calls Out LuAnn's Parenting Skills    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Calls Out LuAnn's Parenting Skills" Clip (01:47)   
"The Making Of LuAnn's Music Video" Clip (02:00)   
"The Wives Update Their Dance Moves" Clip (01:20)   
"See the Store that Alex Built" Clip (02:36)   
"Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking" Clip (04:54)   
"Kelly's a Virgin!" Clip (00:51)   
S04:E14  Burlesque Is More    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 14: Burlesque Is More   
"Getting a Little Naughty" Clip (01:53)   
"Attention! This Is The Countess Speaking!" Clip (02:02)   
"Kelly's Gazillion Dollar Chair" Clip (02:08)   
"It's Burlesque!" Clip (03:01)   
"Avery's Role Model" Clip (01:39)   
S04:E13  Your Tweeting Heart    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 13: Your Tweeting Heart   
"Simon Welcomes Alex Back Home" Clip (02:41)   
"Not Seeing Eye To Eye" Clip (01:57)   
"The Wives Do Some Good" Clip (03:32)   
"Sonja Goes Turd Diving" Clip (02:44)   
"Simon Joins the Healing Trend with Jill" Clip (01:51)   
S04:E12  Fighting the Sagging and Aging    
Complete Season   
"Fighting the Sagging and Aging" Clip (01:16)   
"Jill Gets Another Ginger" Clip (00:58)   
"It's a Drag Queen! No, It's LuAnn" Clip (01:09)   
"Kelly Asserts She's Not in Kellyland" Clip (01:37)   
"Mother Daughter Dress Shopping" Clip (02:12)   
S04:E11  LuAnn vs. Alex    
Complete Season   
"LuAnn vs. Alex" Clip (01:41)   
"Sonja's Debt Drama" Clip (02:53)   
"Morocco Post Mortem" Clip (02:49)   
"Ramona's Mini Massage" Clip (01:34)   
"Delving Into Sonja's Financial Issues" Clip (01:43)   
S04:E10  Last Call, Morocco!    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 10: Last Call, Morocco!   
"Henna Breakdown" Clip (07:35)   
"Stealthy Fittings" Clip (01:35)   
"This Is Henna" Clip (02:17)   
S04:E09  A Riad Divided    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 9: A Riad Divided   
"Wives Go Camel Riding" Clip (02:27)   
"Enjoying a Spa Day" Clip (01:31)   
"Pinot Polar Behavior" Clip (02:21)   
"Boys Night Out" Clip (03:31)   
"Jill and Ramona Can't Work It Out" Clip (02:38)   
S04:E08  The Wives Rip Their Clothes    
Complete Season   
"The Wives Rip Their Clothes" Clip (02:11)   
"Reading Fortunes" Clip (02:53)   
"Embarrassing LuAnn Again" Clip (02:21)   
"Snakes and Venom and Wives" Clip (01:45)   
"Hanger Drama" Clip (01:55)   
S04:E07  Travel Reservations    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 7: Travel Reservations   
"Ramona Vs. LuAnn" Clip (01:29)   
"Why Kelly Behaves the Way She Does" Clip (01:53)   
"Seeing Sonja's Vajayjay" Clip (01:17)   
"Heading to Morocco" Clip (01:19)   
"Enjoying the Snow" Clip (02:29)   
"A Thug in a Cocktail Dress" Clip (04:10)   
"Shopping With Jill's Mother" Clip (02:59)   
S04:E06  The Mask Has Two Faces    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 6: The Mask Has Two Faces   
"Being Ripped to Shreds" Clip (01:40)   
"Fixing Cindy's Chicklet Teeth" Clip (03:15)   
"Ramona's Photoshoot" Clip (01:26)   
"It's Chris March!" Clip (01:32)   
"Alex's Roller Coaster" Clip (03:02)   
S04:E05  Getting the Boys Out the Door    
Complete Season   
"Getting the Boys Out the Door" Clip (03:22)   
"Trying to Stop the Bickering" Clip (02:22)   
"Preparing Kelly for the Worst" Clip (01:26)   
"Wine Lessons" Clip (00:57)   
"Sonja's Going Sexy" Clip (01:01)   
S04:E04  Ramona'd    
Complete Season   
Season 4 Episode 4: Ramona'd   
"Invitation Drama" Clip (01:28)   
"Where's Ramona's Pinot?" Clip (01:08)   
"Who Is Walking Whom?" Clip (00:43)   
"Kelly and Sonja and Horses" Clip (02:40)   
"Kelly in the Cooking Trenches" Clip (04:14)   
S04:E03  New Chapter in Alex's Life    
Complete Season   
"New Chapter in Alex's Life" Clip (01:25)   
"Wine Tasting With the Wives" Clip (01:39)   
"Cooking With Simon" Clip (03:20)   
"Tennis Time" Clip (03:21)   
"Ramona's On the Runway Again!" Clip (02:13)   
"Kelly Puts an Actor Through His Paces" Clip (01:52)   
S04:E02  Sonja Vs. Alex    
Complete Season   
"Sonja Vs. Alex" Clip (04:38)   
"Friends, But Only When It's Convenient" Clip (04:00)   
"Surprising Things About Ramona Singer" Clip (01:57)   
"Grand Marshal of the Marriage March" Clip (01:34)   
S04:E01  Alex's New Career As a Model    
Complete Season   
"Alex's New Career As a Model" Clip (01:23)   
"Return to the Big Apple" Clip (02:19)   
"Wedding Faux Pas" Clip (01:25)   
"Cindy's Crib" Clip (03:16)   
"Interviewing Potential Staff" Clip (03:30)   
"Alex McCord On Jill Zarin" Clip (03:08)   
"Where's Cindy's Baby Daddy?" Clip (01:08)   
S03:E18  Fixing Ramona's Armpits    
Complete Season   
"Fixing Ramona's Armpits" Clip (03:24)   
S03:E17  Ramona Freaks Out    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Freaks Out" Clip (01:11)   
"Back to Poison Island" Clip (02:25)   
"Are They Coming Back?" Clip (03:50)   
"A Walking Contradiction" Clip (03:27)   
"Where Is LuAnn's Song Going?" Clip (01:57)   
S03:E16  Next On Episode 17: Unpredictable    
Complete Season   
"Next On Episode 17: Unpredictable" Clip (00:40)   
"Kelly Walks Off" Clip (02:55)   
"Never at a Loss for Words" Clip (01:36)   
"Next On Episode 16: the Gloves Are Off" Clip (00:48)   
"Is Jill Jealous?" Clip (02:24)   
"Sonja's Sex Life" Clip (02:25)   
S03:E15  Best Moments from This Season    
Complete Season   
"Best Moments from This Season" Clip (06:06)   
"A Moment of Money Can't Buy You Class" Clip (01:01)   
"Jill Leaves" Clip (03:01)   
"Take a Look Back at the Feud" Clip (02:44)   
"A Little Dynasty" Clip (01:17)   
"Halfway Through the Reunion" Clip (02:50)   
"Ramona Renewed" Clip (02:13)   
"Letting Kelly Have It" Clip (02:38)   
"Alex Calls Jill Out" Clip (02:23)   
S03:E14  Jars Vs. Ball    
Complete Season   
"Jars Vs. Ball" Clip (02:09)   
"Naked in the Middle of Times Square" Clip (03:04)   
"LuAnn's Live Performance" Clip (01:32)   
"On the Mend" Clip (05:55)   
"Vow Renewal" Clip (02:17)   
"Best Quotes from Episode 14: Elegance Is Learned" Clip (02:31)   
"Repaired Relationship" Clip (00:44)   
"Next On Episode 14: Reconciliation" Clip (00:41)   
"Jill Surprises Ramona Again" Clip (02:48)   
"Preparing for a Renewal" Clip (02:21)   
S03:E13  Best Quotes from Episode 13: Surprise!    
Complete Season   
"Best Quotes from Episode 13: Surprise!" Clip (02:17)   
"Reconciliation?" Clip (02:17)   
"Jill Bites the Ice" Clip (01:10)   
"Ramona Chokes" Clip (02:45)   
"Double Bridal Shower" Clip (02:26)   
"Kelly's Side of the Story" Clip (02:53)   
"Next On Episode 13" Clip (00:31)   
"Jill's Surprise Visit" Clip (03:49)   
"Bethenny's Version" Clip (01:32)   
"Business Before Gossip" Clip (03:09)   
"Headed to SoHo" Clip (02:11)   
S03:E12  Trying to Mend Relationships    
Complete Season   
"Trying to Mend Relationships" Clip (02:58)   
"Not Understanding Bethenny" Clip (02:33)   
"Kelly's Inner Element" Clip (02:50)   
"Alex the Vampire" Clip (05:53)   
"Breakfast Battle" Clip (02:27)   
"Go to Sleep!" Clip (02:26)   
"Best Quotes from Episode 12" Clip (02:05)   
"Watch Shopping" Clip (03:00)   
"Fight at Dinner Breaks Out" Clip (02:44)   
S03:E11  Excited to Get Away    
Complete Season   
"Excited to Get Away" Clip (03:00)   
"Next On Episode 11" Clip (00:30)   
"Seating Chart" Clip (02:42)   
"I'm Glad I Came" Clip (02:36)   
"Lemons to Lemonade" Clip (04:13)   
"The Next Madonna or Fergie" Clip (03:21)   
"Kelly Goes Off the Rails" Clip (02:56)   
"Fat Turtle Over Crazy Toad" Clip (01:14)   
"Dating Courte" Clip (03:48)   
"Best Quotes from Episode 11" Clip (02:35)   
"Next On Episode 12" Clip (00:46)   
"All About Jill" Clip (03:10)   
S03:E10  I'’m Missing Her    
Complete Season   
"I'’m Missing Her" Clip (01:19)   
"I’'m a Little Drama Maker" Clip (00:54)   
"An Excuse to Celebrate" Clip (05:01)   
"Best Quotes from Episode 10" Clip (01:14)   
"You Are a Mean Girl" Clip (00:55)   
"I Really Like Your Pantry" Clip (00:59)   
"Next On Episode 10" Clip (00:42)   
"Going to See My Father" Clip (02:49)   
"Yoga Saved Me" Clip (02:56)   
"A Really Upsetting Email" Clip (03:00)   
"Housewives or Goodfellas?" Clip (02:33)   
S03:E09  My First Time Taking Pictures    
Complete Season   
"My First Time Taking Pictures" Clip (02:59)   
"Shoot the Messenger" Clip (03:42)   
"Perez Hilton Leaks Bethenny's Pregnancy" Clip (02:29)   
"May the Force Be With Alex" Clip (01:50)   
"Best Quotes from Episode 9" Clip (01:27)   
S03:E08  Next On Episode 8    
Complete Season   
"Next On Episode 8" Clip (00:40)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 7" Clip (01:02)   
"Zarin Family Book" Clip (02:24)   
"Ramona and Sonja's Lunch" Clip (02:44)   
"A Maid of Honor" Clip (02:51)   
S03:E07  Single Sonja Morgan    
Complete Season   
"Single Sonja Morgan" Clip (02:03)   
"Ramona Pops the Question" Clip (02:19)   
"Next On Episode 7" Clip (00:53)   
"LuAnn's New Man" Clip (02:54)   
"Ramona Tells Kelly to Shut up" Clip (00:56)   
"Jill's Comments During the Show" Clip (02:11)   
"Fashion Fitting" Clip (03:13)   
"Jill and Ramona Fight About Kodak" Clip (04:06)   
S03:E06  Jill and Luann's Sleepover    
Complete Season   
"Jill and Luann's Sleepover" Clip (02:54)   
"Jill Breaks Down" Clip (02:03)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 6" Clip (01:27)   
"Jill's Keeping Score" Clip (02:59)   
"Next On Episode 6" Clip (00:38)   
"Trendy Is a Strange Word for Kelly" Clip (02:26)   
"Bethenny the Press Monger" Clip (04:17)   
"How Did Kelly Get Discovered?" Clip (03:07)   
"Relive the Ambush" Clip (06:16)   
S03:E05  Who's Talking to Perez Hilton?    
Complete Season   
"Who's Talking to Perez Hilton?" Clip (02:36)   
"Daily News Fight" Clip (01:55)   
"The Phone Call" Clip (05:03)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 5" Clip (00:23)   
"Opening up to Men" Clip (03:13)   
"Jill's Threatening Email" Clip (01:13)   
"Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Quotes" Clip (00:47)   
"A Budding Designer" Clip (02:51)   
"Kelly's Playboy Interview" Clip (02:53)   
"Becoming More Intimate" Clip (02:57)   
S03:E04  A Divorce Is Finalized    
Complete Season   
"A Divorce Is Finalized" Clip (02:34)   
"Next On Episode 4" Clip (00:37)   
"Perez Hilton Peeks Down Jill's Shirt" Clip (00:23)   
"Drama at a Fashion Show" Clip (02:48)   
"Jill's Photo Shoot" Clip (02:58)   
"The Purple Event" Clip (03:49)   
"Ramona Points Out Kelly's Breasts" Clip (03:04)   
"Next On Episode 5" Clip (00:54)   
"Ramona Attacks LuAnn" Clip (01:38)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 4" Clip (01:54)   
S03:E03  ACT Prep Distractions    
Complete Season   
"ACT Prep Distractions" Clip (03:02)   
"The Learning Annex" Clip (02:59)   
"Well Meaning Morons" Clip (02:59)   
"Mommy's in Playboy" Clip (02:07)   
"Kelly's Playboy Shoot" Clip (01:05)   
"The Infamous Voicemail" Clip (01:15)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 3" Clip (01:50)   
"Getting Down and Dirty" Clip (02:53)   
S03:E02  Two Divorcees    
Complete Season   
"Two Divorcees" Clip (02:59)   
"Memorable Quotes from Episode 2" Clip (01:09)   
"Playboy Reveal" Clip (02:57)   
"Bethenny's Date Night" Clip (03:00)   
"Not Wanting to Go to Ramona's" Clip (02:37)   
S03:E01  Walking Into a Buzz Saw    
Complete Season   
"Walking Into a Buzz Saw" Clip (07:41)   
"Rather Go Naked" Clip (02:00)   
"Who Pays the Bill?" Clip (02:17)   
"Countess Being Countless" Clip (02:57)   
"Alex Works from Home" Clip (03:50)   
S02:E14  This is You, This is Me    
Complete Season   
"This is You, This is Me" Clip (02:58)   
"Calling Out The Countess" Clip (02:54)   
"Counter Points" Clip (02:40)   
"Friends or Not Friends" Clip (02:07)   
"Simon's Vasectomy" Clip (00:50)   
"Turning the Tables on Andy" Clip (01:06)   
"Gay Simon" Clip (02:43)   
S02:E13  Voting Off    
Complete Season   
"Voting Off" Clip (02:01)   
"What Launch Party?" Clip (02:03)   
"Skirt Lifter" Clip (01:52)   
S02:E12  Rosie's Cooking Lesson    
Complete Season   
"Rosie's Cooking Lesson" Clip (02:32)   
"Charitable Feuds" Clip (03:22)   
"Bling for Charity" Clip (02:35)   
"Ramona and Simon Dancing" Clip (01:00)   
"Getting Intimate with a Pro" Clip (02:38)   
S02:E11  Look Good, Feel Good    
Complete Season   
"Look Good, Feel Good" Clip (02:44)   
"Kelly's Dating Philosophy" Clip (01:00)   
"Kelly Vs. Bethenny, Round 2 Extended Scene" Clip (06:20)   
"Kelly Vs. Bethenny, Round 2" Clip (02:15)   
"Look with Your Eyes, Not with Your Fingers" Clip (02:56)   
S02:E10  Roller Bitch    
Complete Season   
"Roller Bitch" Clip (02:41)   
"Happy Homecoming" Clip (03:00)   
"New Headshots" Clip (02:19)   
"The Zarin League" Clip (02:57)   
"Jill on the Economy" Clip (02:17)   
S02:E09  Doing Something Nice    
Complete Season   
"Doing Something Nice" Clip (02:58)   
"Jill's Surprise Gift" Clip (02:01)   
"Tru or True?" Clip (02:56)   
"Alex's Surprise Birthday" Clip (02:58)   
S02:E08  Doing What They Do    
Complete Season   
"Doing What They Do" Clip (02:51)   
"LuAnn Building Confidence" Clip (02:59)   
"Kelly's on a Date" Clip (02:00)   
"The New Casa de Zarin" Clip (02:38)   
S02:E07  Kelly and Bethenny Have It Out    
Complete Season   
"Kelly and Bethenny Have It Out" Clip (00:59)   
"Jill Picks a Fight" Clip (02:42)   
"Drooling Over Dresses" Clip (02:25)   
"Paws for Style" Clip (02:25)   
"Kelly Vs. Bethenny, Round 1 Extended Scene" Clip (04:24)   
S02:E06  High Heels    
Complete Season   
"High Heels" Clip (02:03)   
"Ramona Vs. Simon" Clip (02:59)   
"There's a Fashion Show Going On" Clip (02:51)   
"Fashion Show Friction" Clip (02:58)   
S02:E05  First Day of School    
Complete Season   
"First Day of School" Clip (02:03)   
"Have You Met Bethenny?" Clip (02:47)   
"Beyond Words" Clip (02:53)   
"Calling a Spade a Spade" Clip (02:54)   
S02:E04  Ramona Vs. The Countess    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Vs. The Countess" Clip (03:00)   
"Alex's Renovation" Clip (02:56)   
"Move or a Facelift" Clip (02:51)   
"A Bonding Moment" Clip (03:01)   
S02:E03  Horsing Around    
Complete Season   
"Horsing Around" Clip (02:57)   
"Fruit Salad to a Surfing Lesson" Clip (02:57)   
"Boarding School Conundrum" Clip (02:31)   
"Gov. Patterson and Ramona" Clip (00:49)   
"Feeling the Heat" Clip (02:55)   
"Kelly's Career" Clip (02:04)   
"Green Wives" Clip (01:42)   
"Charities" Clip (02:45)   
S02:E02  RMS Fashions    
Complete Season   
"RMS Fashions" Clip (03:01)   
"Finding a Good Man" Clip (02:53)   
"Caribbean Vs. New England Waters" Clip (02:57)   
"Denim and Diamonds" Clip (02:33)   
S02:E01  Ramona and Mario's Dinner    
Complete Season   
"Ramona and Mario's Dinner" Clip (02:16)   
"The Newest New York Housewife" Clip (02:23)   
"The Real Catfights of NYC" Clip (02:52)   
"Nova's Ark" Clip (02:57)   
S01:E01  Complete Season    
Complete Season   
"Royally Beaten" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Topless in St. Barths    
Complete Season   
"Topless in St. Barths" Clip (3:29)   
S00:Video  Putting the Rumors to Bed    
Complete Season   
"Putting the Rumors to Bed" Clip (0:52)   
S00:Video  Teeth Check    
Complete Season   
"Teeth Check" Clip (0:44)   
S00:Video  The White Trash Definition    
Complete Season   
"The White Trash Definition" Clip (0:32)   
S00:Video  Aviva's Apology Like Rush Limbaugh's    
Complete Season   
"Aviva's Apology Like Rush Limbaugh's" Clip (1:53)   
S00:Video  LuAnn and Her Men    
Complete Season   
"LuAnn and Her Men" Clip (2:5)   
S00:Video  Where the Friendship Went South    
Complete Season   
"Where the Friendship Went South" Clip (2:0)   
S00:Video  The Big Apple Ladies Bite Back    
Complete Season   
"The Big Apple Ladies Bite Back" Clip (0:20)   
S00:Video  Relationships Are On the Outs    
Complete Season   
"Relationships Are On the Outs" Clip (1:2)   
S00:Video  Aviva Walks the Catwalk    
Complete Season   
"Aviva Walks the Catwalk" Clip (1:18)   
S00:Video  A Strong Interest in Sonja    
Complete Season   
"A Strong Interest in Sonja" Clip (3:23)   
S00:Video  Unfinished Business in the Big Apple    
Complete Season   
"Unfinished Business in the Big Apple" Clip (0:20)   
S00:Video  Andy's Favorite Reunion Shoe    
Complete Season   
"Andy's Favorite Reunion Shoe" Clip (3:31)   
S00:Video  A Family Night Out    
Complete Season   
"A Family Night Out" Clip (1:31)   
S00:Video  More Nervous Than for Oprah    
Complete Season   
"More Nervous Than for Oprah" Clip (1:18)   
S00:Video  Prepping for the Reunion    
Complete Season   
"Prepping for the Reunion" Clip (1:40)   
S00:Video  Aviva and Ramona Have It Out    
Complete Season   
"Aviva and Ramona Have It Out" Clip (2:20)   
S00:Video  Aviva's Ex Is an Ex for a Reason    
Complete Season   
"Aviva's Ex Is an Ex for a Reason" Clip (1:44)   
S00:Video  A Fractured Group of NYC Ladies    
Complete Season   
"A Fractured Group of NYC Ladies" Clip (4:3)   
S00:Video  Carole Talks Behind LuAnn's Back?    
Complete Season   
"Carole Talks Behind LuAnn's Back?" Clip (1:55)   
S00:Video  Black Woman Inside Aviva's Body    
Complete Season   
"Black Woman Inside Aviva's Body" Clip (2:4)   
S00:Video  All About Ramona    
Complete Season   
"All About Ramona" Clip (1:7)   
S00:Video  Calling Out Each Others' Vices    
Complete Season   
"Calling Out Each Others' Vices" Clip (3:21)   
S00:Video  New Yorkers, Diamonds, and Fur    
Complete Season   
"New Yorkers, Diamonds, and Fur" Clip (3:22)   
S00:Video  Sonja's Dog Is Out of Rehab    
Complete Season   
"Sonja's Dog Is Out of Rehab" Clip (1:47)   
S00:Video  George Gets Kicked Out    
Complete Season   
"George Gets Kicked Out" Clip (2:41)   
S00:Video  Thick Tension Between Ramona and Heather    
Complete Season   
"Thick Tension Between Ramona and Heather" Clip (1:43)   
S00:Video  A Showdown With the Ex-Husband    
Complete Season   
"A Showdown With the Ex-Husband" Clip (2:34)   
S00:Video  Ramona Over Aviva    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Over Aviva" Clip (0:57)   
S00:Video  A Friendship On the Verge    
Complete Season   
"A Friendship On the Verge" Clip (1:0)   
S00:Video  Aviva Tries to Get a Sober Ramona    
Complete Season   
"Aviva Tries to Get a Sober Ramona" Clip (2:17)   
S00:Video  Ramona Takes On Aviva's Dad    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Takes On Aviva's Dad" Clip (2:43)   
S00:Video  Le Sonja    
Complete Season   
"Le Sonja" Clip (0:54)   
S00:Video  Sonja Plans Her New Home    
Complete Season   
"Sonja Plans Her New Home" Clip (3:11)   
S00:Video  The Last Thing George Should Ever Do    
Complete Season   
"The Last Thing George Should Ever Do" Clip (0:51)   
S00:Video  Won't Someone Think of the Children?    
Complete Season   
"Won't Someone Think of the Children?" Clip (0:55)   
S00:Video  A Beekman Boys Surprise    
Complete Season   
"A Beekman Boys Surprise" Clip (4:31)   
S00:Video  What to Wear    
Complete Season   
"What to Wear" Clip (3:1)   
S00:Video  Gonna Get Burned    
Complete Season   
"Gonna Get Burned" Clip (1:1)   
S00:Video  Real New York Phobias    
Complete Season   
"Real New York Phobias" Clip (0:47)   
S00:Video  Ramona's Ass Gets Worked    
Complete Season   
"Ramona's Ass Gets Worked" Clip (1:47)   
S00:Video  A Pregnancy and a Downward Spiral    
Complete Season   
"A Pregnancy and a Downward Spiral" Clip (0:41)   
S00:Video  Sonja and Aviva Fight About the Girls' Trip    
Complete Season   
"Sonja and Aviva Fight About the Girls' Trip" Clip (3:33)   
S00:Video  Lying About the Italians    
Complete Season   
"Lying About the Italians" Clip (1:32)   
S00:Video  Struggle With Alcohol    
Complete Season   
"Struggle With Alcohol" Clip (3:49)   
S00:Video  So Much Nipple and Vagina    
Complete Season   
"So Much Nipple and Vagina" Clip (1:54)   
S00:Video  Subjected to Ranting and Raving    
Complete Season   
"Subjected to Ranting and Raving" Clip (1:33)   
S00:Video  California Dreamin'    
Complete Season   
"California Dreamin'" Clip (3:16)   
S00:Video  A Lot of Cute French Boys    
Complete Season   
"A Lot of Cute French Boys" Clip (2:9)   
S00:Video  Heather vs Ramona    
Complete Season   
"Heather vs Ramona" Clip (1:16)   
S00:Video  These Crazy Bitches    
Complete Season   
"These Crazy Bitches" Clip (2:38)   
S00:Video  Now Things Are Getting Interesting    
Complete Season   
"Now Things Are Getting Interesting" Clip (1:32)   
S00:Video  Taxi Cab Examination    
Complete Season   
"Taxi Cab Examination" Clip (2:13)   
S00:Video  A Real Dog Emergency    
Complete Season   
"A Real Dog Emergency" Clip (2:58)   
S00:Video  Topless Swimming    
Complete Season   
"Topless Swimming" Clip (1:10)   
S00:Video  LuAnn's Gone to the Birds    
Complete Season   
"LuAnn's Gone to the Birds" Clip (2:46)   
S00:Video  Rain Equals Booze    
Complete Season   
"Rain Equals Booze" Clip (3:6)   
S00:Video  First Time for Everything    
Complete Season   
"First Time for Everything" Clip (1:0)   
S00:Video  Proof of Sonja's Young Uterus    
Complete Season   
"Proof of Sonja's Young Uterus" Clip (2:58)   
S00:Video  Shakin' Their Pirate Booty    
Complete Season   
"Shakin' Their Pirate Booty" Clip (1:10)   
S00:Video  Coma Toast    
Complete Season   
"Coma Toast" Clip (0:32)   
S00:Video  A Scandal in St. Barths    
Complete Season   
"A Scandal in St. Barths" Clip (1:41)   
S00:Video  More Scandals and More Nudity    
Complete Season   
"More Scandals and More Nudity" Clip (1:3)   
S00:Video  Ramona Can't Handle the Truth    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Can't Handle the Truth" Clip (2:44)   
S00:Video  Who's White Trash?    
Complete Season   
"Who's White Trash?" Clip (2:11)   
S00:Video  What's White Trash?    
Complete Season   
"What's White Trash?" Clip (2:7)   
S00:Video  Even More Trouble in St. Barths    
Complete Season   
"Even More Trouble in St. Barths" Clip (0:51)   
S00:Video  The Season's Surprises    
Complete Season   
"The Season's Surprises" Clip (01:31)   
S00:Video  The Perfect 4th of July    
Complete Season   
"The Perfect 4th of July" Clip (00:48)   
S00:Video  Sizzling Summer Spots    
Complete Season   
"Sizzling Summer Spots" Clip (01:10)   
S00:Video  At The Races    
Complete Season   
"At The Races" Clip (02:39)   
S00:Video  Opening Night At The Met    
Complete Season   
"Opening Night At The Met" Clip (02:07)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Drama Queen    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Drama Queen" Clip (00:56)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Biggest Flirt    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Biggest Flirt" Clip (00:54)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Appearance    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Appearance" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Easy Going    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Easy Going" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib" Clip (02:38)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: The Smartest    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: The Smartest" Clip (00:45)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Plastic Surgery    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Plastic Surgery" Clip (01:00)   
S00:Video  Dress To Impress Family    
Complete Season   
"Dress To Impress Family" Clip (01:34)   
S00:Video  Welcome to Kelly's Crib    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Kelly's Crib" Clip (02:42)   
S00:Video  Welcome to Jill's Crib    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Jill's Crib" Clip (02:40)   
S00:Video  A Real Housewives of NYC New Year    
Complete Season   
"A Real Housewives of NYC New Year" Clip (00:45)   
S00:Video  A Real Housewives of NYC Thanksgiving    
Complete Season   
"A Real Housewives of NYC Thanksgiving" Clip (00:57)   
S00:Video  Cramping Her Daughter's Style    
Complete Season   
"Cramping Her Daughter's Style" Clip (02:35)   
S00:Video  Aviva's Miami Crib    
Complete Season   
"Aviva's Miami Crib" Clip (02:40)   
S00:Video  Newbie Introductions    
Complete Season   
"Newbie Introductions" Clip (02:26)   
S00:Video  The Real Housewives Tour: Cast Changes    
Complete Season   
"The Real Housewives Tour: Cast Changes" Clip (01:05)   
S00:Video  The Real Housewives Tour: Music and Kids    
Complete Season   
"The Real Housewives Tour: Music and Kids" Clip (00:44)   
S00:Video  Backstabbers, Blackmails, and Orgasms    
Complete Season   
"Backstabbers, Blackmails, and Orgasms" Clip (03:07)   
S00:Video  Jill Vs. Ramona    
Complete Season   
"Jill Vs. Ramona" Clip (02:06)   
S00:Video  Moving On Up    
Complete Season   
"Moving On Up" Clip (01:05)   
S00:Video  Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib, Part 2" Clip (02:48)   
S00:Video  A New Season in NYC    
Complete Season   
"A New Season in NYC" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Get to Know Sonja Morgan    
Complete Season   
"Get to Know Sonja Morgan" Clip (03:42)   
S00:Video  An Explosive Season    
Complete Season   
"An Explosive Season" Clip (02:23)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Worst Driver    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Worst Driver" Clip (00:48)   
S00:Video  Welcome to LuAnn's Crib    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to LuAnn's Crib" Clip (02:34)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Deserted Island    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Deserted Island" Clip (00:58)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: The Strictest    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: The Strictest" Clip (00:46)   
S00:Video  Questionnaires: Media Whore    
Complete Season   
"Questionnaires: Media Whore" Clip (00:44)   
S00:Video  A Real Housewives of New York Holidays    
Complete Season   
"A Real Housewives of New York Holidays" Clip (00:51)   
S00:Video  Worst Holiday Gifts    
Complete Season   
"Worst Holiday Gifts" Clip (01:33)   
S00:Video  Grade School Politics    
Complete Season   
"Grade School Politics" Clip (02:15)   
S00:Video  Carole's Crib    
Complete Season   
"Carole's Crib" Clip (02:47)   
S00:Video  New York New Housewives    
Complete Season   
"New York New Housewives" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Preview Special    
Complete Season   
"Preview Special" Clip (22:20)   
S00:Video  Kelly's Wayward Boobs    
Complete Season   
"Kelly's Wayward Boobs" Clip (00:32)   
S00:Video  3 Minutes With the Housewives    
Complete Season   
"3 Minutes With the Housewives" Clip (03:03)   
S00:Video  Needing a Hobby    
Complete Season   
"Needing a Hobby" Clip (00:32)   
S00:Video  Classless Countess    
Complete Season   
"Classless Countess" Clip (00:32)   
S00:Video  Not Being Fake    
Complete Season   
"Not Being Fake" Clip (00:32)   
S00:Video  Housewives' Feuds    
Complete Season   
"Housewives' Feuds" Clip (02:11)   
S00:Video  Happy Mother's Day    
Complete Season   
"Happy Mother's Day" Clip (01:54)   
S00:Video  Very Mean Girls    
Complete Season   
"Very Mean Girls" Clip (00:54)   
S00:Video  Blog Awards, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Blog Awards, Part 1" Clip (03:29)   
S00:Video  Jill Vs. Ramona: The Extended    
Complete Season   
"Jill Vs. Ramona: The Extended" Clip (05:02)   
S00:Video  Blog Awards, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Blog Awards, Part 2" Clip (03:51)   
S00:Video  Rules Of Manhattan Society    
Complete Season   
"Rules Of Manhattan Society" Clip (01:29)   
S00:Video  Bethenny as Jill Zaaaaaarin, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Bethenny as Jill Zaaaaaarin, Part 2" Clip (02:42)   
S00:Video  Countess LuAnn de Lesseps    
Complete Season   
"Countess LuAnn de Lesseps" Clip (02:25)   
S00:Video  Remembering the Good Times    
Complete Season   
"Remembering the Good Times" Clip (02:28)   
S00:Video  Bethenny as Jill Zaaaaaarin, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Bethenny as Jill Zaaaaaarin, Part 1" Clip (02:11)   
S00:Video  Last Season in New York    
Complete Season   
"Last Season in New York" Clip (02:02)   
S00:Video  Being In Jill's Balcony    
Complete Season   
"Being In Jill's Balcony" Clip (01:47)   
S00:Video  Getting Back at LuAnn    
Complete Season   
"Getting Back at LuAnn" Clip (02:43)   
S00:Video  New Season, New Neighbor    
Complete Season   
"New Season, New Neighbor" Clip (01:59)   
S00:Video  Kelly's Legal Issues    
Complete Season   
"Kelly's Legal Issues" Clip (02:28)   
S00:Video  Ramona Gets the Last Laugh    
Complete Season   
"Ramona Gets the Last Laugh" Clip (02:25)   
S00:Video  Bethenny's Second Date    
Complete Season   
"Bethenny's Second Date" Clip (02:59)   
S00:Video  Alex on Shopping and Fashion    
Complete Season   
"Alex on Shopping and Fashion" Clip (03:16)   
S00:Video  Simon on Shopping and Fashion    
Complete Season   
"Simon on Shopping and Fashion" Clip (02:01)   
S00:Video  Bethenny-isms    
Complete Season   
"Bethenny-isms" Clip (01:46)