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The Palace

English  |  Drama
A fictional British Royal finds he is in succession for the throne after his father King James III has died. The twenty four year old Richard IV who is played by Rupert Evans (Paradise Heights, Emma) finds himself being resented by his older sister, the Princess Eleanor (played by Sophie Winkleman from Red Dwarf, Love Live Long) because she has evidently been passed over in favor of her brother and she desperately wants that throne for herself. Princess Eleanor and Major Simon Brooks, played by David Harewood (Blood Diamond) who is her private secretary have devised a way to plot together in an attempt to discredit now King Richard and bad family blood may be shed before she gets her way. Richard’s own secretary, Abigail Thomas (Zoe Telford) has plans on writing a “tell all” book about the goings on in the Royal Palace. Politics and corruption within the royalty of Britain is always interesting viewing and The Palace brings plenty of interesting half truths and while a dramatization it still provides some insight into how royalty live their lives.
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S01:E08  Episode 8    
"Episode 8" Full Episode (46:02)   
Episode 8 (46:02)   
S01:E07  Episode 7    
"Episode 7" Full Episode (44:07)   
Episode 7 (44:07)   
S01:E06  Episode 6    
"Episode 6" Full Episode (45:35)   
Episode 6 (45:35)   
S01:E05  Episode 5    
"Episode 5" Full Episode (45:40)   
Episode 5 (45:40)   
S01:E04  Episode 4    
"Episode 4" Full Episode (45:17)   
Episode 4 (45:17)   
S01:E03  Episode 3    
"Episode 3" Full Episode (45:12)   
Episode 3 (45:12)   
S01:E02  Episode 2    
"Episode 2" Full Episode (45:07)   
Episode 2 (45:07)   
S01:E01  Episode 1    
"Episode 1" Full Episode (46:37)   
Episode 1 (46:37)   

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