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The Listener

English  |  Mystery
Remember Heroes’ mindreader Matt Parkman, played by Greg Grunberg? The Listener’s whole plot is passed on the same idea of secret power to read someone minds. Now this superpower belongs to Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) a twentysomething orphan raised in the foster homes, who kept this secret with him all the time. But, when he shares it with his old councilor Dr. Ray Mercer, he starts his new life of as the part of Integrated Investigative Bureau (a special unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) where he helps Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos) and E.R. Doctor Olivia Fawcett (Mylène Dinh-Robic) to solve crimes and difficult high-profile cases of murders and rapes. In his paramedical duties Toby is not alone; he works in cooperation with Osman Bey, his telepathic partner, who assists him in solving of most hard crimes IIB encounters. However, Toby’s holy gift has the other, darkish side. Immersing in the minds of most inveterate criminals has terrifying side effects: Toby has to deal with heavy emotional and psychological impact of such of telepathic contacts. And here come his friends, helping him to deal with these issues: Dr Olivia Fawcet and other partners trying their best to keep Toby’s mind working perfect as the secret weapon of IIB.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S03:E13  The Shooting    
Season 3 Episode 13: The Shooting   
S03:E12  The Bro Code    
Season 3 Episode 12: The Bro Code   
S03:E11  Captain Nightfall    
Season 3 Episode 11: Captain Nightfall   
S03:E10  Lockdown    
Season 3 Episode 10: Lockdown   
S03:E09  Crossed    
Season 3 Episode 9: Crossed   
S03:E08  Now You See Him    
Season 3 Episode 8: Now You See Him   
S03:E07  Poisoned Minds    
Season 3 Episode 7: Poisoned Minds   
S03:E06  She Sells Sanctuary    
Season 3 Episode 6: She Sells Sanctuary   
S03:E05  Rogues' Gallery    
Season 3 Episode 5: Rogues' Gallery   
S03:E04  The Taking    
Season 3 Episode 4: The Taking   
S03:E03  Curtain Call    
Season 3 Episode 3: Curtain Call   
S03:E02  Cold Case Blues    
Season 3 Episode 2: Cold Case Blues   
S03:E01  The Bank Job    
Season 3 Episode 1: The Bank Job   
S02:E13  Reckoning    
Season 2 Episode 13: Reckoning   
S02:E12  Eye of the Storm    
Season 2 Episode 12: Eye of the Storm   
S02:E11  To Die For    
Season 2 Episode 11: To Die For   
S02:E09  Jericho    
Season 2 Episode 9: Jericho   
S02:E08  Vanished    
Season 2 Episode 8: Vanished   
S02:E06  The Magician    
Season 2 Episode 6: The Magician   
S02:E05  Inner Circle    
Season 2 Episode 5: Inner Circle   
S02:E04  The Brothers Volkov    
Season 2 Episode 4: The Brothers Volkov   
S02:E03  In His Sights    
Season 2 Episode 3: In His Sights   
S02:E02  Crime Seen    
Season 2 Episode 2: Crime Seen   
S02:E01  Lady in the Lake    
Season 2 Episode 1: Lady in the Lake   
S01:E13  The Journey    
Season 1 Episode 13: The Journey   
S01:E12  The 13th Juror    
Season 1 Episode 12: The 13th Juror   
S01:E11  Beginning To See The Light    
Season 1 Episode 11: Beginning To See The Light   
S01:E10  Missing    
Season 1 Episode 10: Missing   
S01:E09  Inside the Man    
Season 1 Episode 9: Inside the Man   
S01:E08  One Way or Another    
Season 1 Episode 8: One Way or Another   
S01:E07  Iris    
Season 1 Episode 7: Iris   
S01:E06  Foggy Notion    
Season 1 Episode 6: Foggy Notion   
S01:E05  Lisa Says    
Season 1 Episode 5: Lisa Says   
S01:E04  Some Kind of Love    
Season 1 Episode 4: Some Kind of Love   
S01:E03  A Voice In The Dark    
Season 1 Episode 3: A Voice In The Dark   
S01:E01  I'm an Adult    
Season 1 Episode 1: I'm an Adult   

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