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The Inbetweeners

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Nominated as "Best Situation Comedy" in 2010, The Inbetweeners depicts life of Will McKenzie and three of his friends Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland while they are attending the fictional Rudge Park Comprehensive School. The main character, Will narrates the intros and conclusions of each episode, and all the TV show action is concentrated mostly on his personality. When his parents were divorced, Will was transferred from expensive private school to comprehensive one. The new environment looked very hostile for him at the first time. However, he managed to befriend with the “gang”: Simon, Jay and Nail very soon after his first day at the new school. Meanwhile, they formed some kind of “alliance” of “uncool” persons, as they share many similar traits and behavior clichés: each of them was suffering some bullying and failing the attempts to have sex with girls. The series has gained lots of positive reviews and even has been voted as "Best New British TV Sitcom 2008". The success of The Inbetweeners was repeated by The Inbetweeners movie filmed in 2011 and directed by Ben Palmer, while the screenplay was totally written by TV show creators - Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S02:E06  Episode 6    
Complete Season   
"Episode 6" Full Episode (25:41)   
S02:E05  Episode 5    
Complete Season   
"Episode 5" Full Episode (24:35)   
S02:E04  Episode 4    
Complete Season   
"Episode 4" Full Episode (24:5)   
S02:E03  Episode 3    
Complete Season   
"Episode 3" Full Episode (24:51)   
S02:E02  Episode 2    
Complete Season   
"Episode 2" Full Episode (24:56)   
S02:E01  Episode 1    
Complete Season   
"Episode 1" Full Episode (25:8)   
S01:E07  Crystal Springs    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 7: Crystal Springs   
S01:E06  Class Clown    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 6: Class Clown   
"Episode 6" Full Episode (23:37)   
S01:E05  The Masters    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 5: The Masters   
"Episode 5" Full Episode (22:42)   
S01:E04  The Wrong Box    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 4: The Wrong Box   
"Episode 4" Full Episode (23:43)   
S01:E03  Club Code    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 3: Club Code   
"Episode 3" Full Episode (22:25)   
S01:E02  Sunshine Mountain    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: Sunshine Mountain   
"Episode 2" Full Episode (24:0)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
"Episode 1" Full Episode (21:49)   

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