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The Glass House

English  |  Reality & Talk Shows
Long before the advent of The Glass House on TV screens CBS has warned ABC not to air this reality show, which was too similar to Big Brother, in their point of view. Notwithstanding this fact, ABC has released The Glass House on primetime and CBS filed the long-promised lawsuit against them. Fortunately, while the monsters of big TV are fighting, we have a chance to compare these TV shows and make our own mind on whether they are similar or not. At the first glance they are: same cameras-wired houses, same teams of contestants performing very stupid and not so much tasks, sometimes squabbling, wrangling bullying and sparring with each other to the audience sweetest delight. However, when you take a closer look on this so-called Big Brother rip-off you will probably notice some differences. First of all, all the contestants going to be eliminated from the show go to Limbo, where they wait for America’s decision whether they will stay or abandon the game. The second difference is more significant and literally determinative: almost all the things contestants do in the show is determines by voting of the audience. To underline this, all means all: audience decides what the participants have to eat and wear today, what they have to do and how they should act to win the viewers' gratitude. The third difference is, there are no players deciding whether to eliminate somebody or no, everything depends of audience decision. It’s a weird thing but the absence of need to eliminate your “fiends” does not have any positive impact on contestants’ virtues. We see the same "douchbaggery" and painful “obnoxiousty” of the people are blooming, and maybe this is the most principal similarity between The Glass House and Big Brother. Evidently the CBS lawyers could use this fact to file their suit.
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