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The Defenders

English  |  Drama
The Defenders is an American courtroom drama series from CBS that showcases defense attorneys that specialize in legally complex cases. Termed as the most socially conscious TV series which is singularly constant with liberalism of the new frontier. Starring EG Marshall, Robert Reed, Polly Rowles and Joan Hackett. A must watch show for liberalists across the world.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E18  Morelli v. Kaczmarek    
Season 1 Episode 18: Morelli v. Kaczmarek   
Jumping the Gun (3:48)   
Conflict of Interest (3:41)   
Admissible Hypothetical (4:25)   
All About Opportunity! (4:25)   
Ol' Blue Eyes? (4:46)   
The Vegan Rainbow (3:45)   
S01:E17  Nevada v. Greene    
Season 1 Episode 17: Nevada v. Greene   
Black Out (4:45)   
Comedy of Insults (3:44)   
The Odds Against Us (4:32)   
The Minder (4:53)   
Nevada v. Greene (1:09)   
Probable Cause (3:29)   
S01:E16  Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals    
Season 1 Episode 16: Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals   
Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals (1:08)   
Who Killed Me? (4:00)   
Blindsided! (4:50)   
Tampering With Evidence (4:54)   
Massive Settlement! (4:41)   
Faulty Packaging (4:13)   
S01:E15  Nevada v. Hunter    
Season 1 Episode 15: Nevada v. Hunter   
Power of Attorney (4:42)   
We Could Use A Break! (4:48)   
Good Call! (4:59)   
Nevada v. Hunter (1:07)   
Stay With The Facts (4:40)   
S01:E14  Nevada v. Doug the Mule    
Season 1 Episode 14: Nevada v. Doug the Mule   
You're Under Arrest, Your Honor (2:50)   
We're Your Lawyers (4:41)   
I Hired A Prostitute (3:52)   
Nevada v. Doug the Mule (1:14)   
Seizure (4:24)   
Pool Party (4:58)   
S01:E13  Nevada v. Donnie the Numbers Guy    
Season 1 Episode 13: Nevada v. Donnie the Numbers Guy   
Finish What You Started (4:58)   
You Were Kidnapped! (4:22)   
This Is A Disgrace! (4:18)   
Braver Than Smart (4:15)   
Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy (0:44)   
Nevada v. Wayne (1:06)   
Skeletons Out Of the Desert (2:47)   
S01:E12  Nevada v. Wayne    
Season 1 Episode 12: Nevada v. Wayne   
Guilty Client (1:49)   
Way Back (2:19)   
Pete Gets on Jury (2:31)   
The Power of Memory (4:32)   
Client Sinks Himself (4:08)   
S01:E11  Nevada v. Riley    
Season 1 Episode 11: Nevada v. Riley   
James Brolin Guest Stars (4:24)   
Your Wife's Affair (3:20)   
Teddy and Nick (3:32)   
'Nevada v. Riley' (1:09)   
Pete Gets Attacked (1:33)   
A Good Man (5:05)   
S01:E10  Nevada v. Davis    
Season 1 Episode 10: Nevada v. Davis   
Otis the Bear (1:47)   
A Reprieve for Otis (1:02)   
Its Not that Long of a Drive (1:28)   
Going After the King (3:14)   
The Drunk Guy's Fault (3:40)   
S01:E09  Whitten v. Fenlee    
Season 1 Episode 9: Whitten v. Fenlee   
'Whitten v. Fenlee' (1:06)   
Built in Blood (0:35)   
Total Loss (3:57)   
Penn Jillette Guest Stars (3:24)   
Making a Change (3:17)   
Hush Money (1:45)   
Pretty Please (2:30)   
S01:E08  Nevada v. Killa Diz    
Season 1 Episode 8: Nevada v. Killa Diz   
'Nevada v. Killa Diz' (0:59)   
S01:E07  Las Vegas v. Black Betty    
Season 1 Episode 7: Las Vegas v. Black Betty   
The Most Hated Woman in Vegas (4:02)   
A Couch in the Courtroom (4:24)   
A Client Makeover (4:53)   
Off the Grid (5:00)   
Lovely Flower (1:04)   
Lisa and Nick Are Arrested (1:59)   
A Circus of an Opening (3:27)   
Grand Piano, Baby! (1:37)   
'Las Vegas v. Johnson' (0:59)   
Client Runs (1:12)   
Pete Gloats Over Deal (2:43)   
S01:E06  Nevada v. Rodgers    
Season 1 Episode 6: Nevada v. Rodgers   
I Don't Have to Win (3:32)   
'Nevada v. Rodgers' (0:56)   
A Fair Shake (3:03)   
A Better Man Then Me (3:23)   
Just Stupid (3:16)   
A Chance to Stay Out (2:16)   
S01:E05  Nevada v. Senator Harper    
Season 1 Episode 5: Nevada v. Senator Harper   
We're Coming After Everything (3:46)   
Judge Comes On to Nick (2:03)   
Credit Card Skimmer (1:59)   
Not Better, Just Different (2:39)   
Nick Plays the Field (1:54)   
Alive and Well (4:02)   
S01:E04  Nevada v. Cerbone    
Season 1 Episode 4: Nevada v. Cerbone   
PreviewNevada v. Cerrato (1:53)   
S01:E03  Nevada vs Carter    
Season 1 Episode 3: Nevada vs Carter   
A Flush (4:06)   
Preview'Nevada v. Carter' (0:42)   
Be a Man (4:41)   
Pete Prepares to Take the Stand (3:03)   
Don't Let Them Fool You (3:38)   
Pete Turns Meredith Down (3:58)   
Beautiful Friendship (1:36)   
Hear Me Out (2:15)   
Tricky Nicky (4:35)   
-Take It Like a Man (1:31)   
I'll Take What I Can Get (2:02)   
An Easy Win (1:37)   
Oklahoma Dead-Beat (4:09)   
Ace in the Hole (2:53)   
S01:E02  Las Vegas v. Reid    
Season 1 Episode 2: Las Vegas v. Reid   
Las Vegas v. Reid (0:54)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
S01:Video  Behind the Scenes    
Behind the Scenes (2:13)   

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