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Teen Mom 2

English  |  Drama
A spin off to the popular 16 and Pregnant (also on MTV), Teen Mom 2 follows along on the challenges and rewards faced by four teenage moms that were last seen on season three of 16 and Pregnant. There are many problems facing those who are still practically children themselves who attempt to raise their own babies. Family, peer pressure, school, and romance are a enough to struggle with before adding on the burden and reward of child rearing. The show attempts to show it can be accomplished with help from all relationships involved. The parents can provide much needed guidance and they can get an emotional boost from friends and romantic involvements too. Following four young women who become pregnant during their senior year of school, Janelle, Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn have different problems and solutions but they are each determined to keep and raise their babies themselves. Boyfriends and parents complicate issues but basically stand behind the life altering decisions made by the new mothers. This program is reality programming at it’s finest as it depicts life in real time.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S02:E102  Finale Special - Check Up With Dr. Drew: Part    
Season 2 Episode 102: Finale Special - Check Up With Dr. Drew: Part   
S02:E101  Finale Special - Check Up With Dr. Drew: Part 1    
Season 2 Episode 101: Finale Special - Check Up With Dr. Drew: Part 1   
S02:E100  Season 2 Unseen Moments    
Season 2 Episode 100: Season 2 Unseen Moments   
S02:E12  Love Will Tear Us Apart    
Season 2 Episode 12: Love Will Tear Us Apart   
S02:E11  Falling    
Season 2 Episode 11: Falling   
S02:E10  Love Comes and Goes    
Season 2 Episode 10: Love Comes and Goes   
S02:E09  The Beginning of the End    
Season 2 Episode 9: The Beginning of the End   
S02:E08  Making Moves    
Season 2 Episode 8: Making Moves   
S02:E07  Breaking Point    
Season 2 Episode 7: Breaking Point   
S02:E06  Lean on Me    
Season 2 Episode 6: Lean on Me   
S02:E05  Home for Christmas    
Season 2 Episode 5: Home for Christmas   
S02:E04  No Looking Back    
Season 2 Episode 4: No Looking Back   
S02:E03  Intensive Care    
Season 2 Episode 3: Intensive Care   
S02:E02  Episode 2    
Season 2 Episode 2: Curveball   
S02:E01  Episode 1    
Season 2 Episode 1: Best Laid Plans   
S01:E13  Reunion    
Season 1 Episode 13: Reunion   
S01:E12  Judgement Day    
Season 1 Episode 12: Judgement Day   
S01:E11  One Step Back    
Season 1 Episode 11: One Step Back   
S01:E10  Two Steps Forward    
Season 1 Episode 10: Two Steps Forward   
S01:E09  Slippery Slope    
Season 1 Episode 9: Slippery Slope   
S01:E08  Pushing The Limit    
Season 1 Episode 8: Pushing The Limit   
S01:E07  Switching Gears    
Season 1 Episode 7: Switching Gears   
S01:E06  Episode 6    
Season 1 Episode 6: Episode 6   
S01:E05  Too Much Too Fast    
Season 1 Episode 5: Too Much Too Fast   
S01:E04  Moving In, Moving On    
Season 1 Episode 4: Moving In, Moving On   
S01:E03  Change of Heart    
Season 1 Episode 3: Change of Heart   
S01:E02  So Much To Lose    
Season 1 Episode 2: So Much To Lose   
S01:E01  Nothing Stays The Same    
Season 1 Episode 1: Nothing Stays The Same   

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