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English  |  Comedy & Humor
DreamWorks TV and producer Steven Spielberg are hoping their latest entry into prime time television lives up to its name. Smash is about the making of a Broadway musical play which involves the life of Marilyn Monroe. But personal conflicts among the cast members prove to be difficult to work with as they deal with the everyday demands of theater life and this musical in particular. Debra Messing stars as Julia Houston who is the co-writer as well as lyrist and song writer on Smash. Messing, formerly seen on Will & Grace, is an award winner with a musical background. Angelica Huston (Prizzi’s Honor, The Adams Family) plays Eileen Rand the musical’s producer who has to juggle handling a messy divorce along with the difficulty that goes with producing a Broadway musical. Frank Huston, Julia’s husband is played by Brian d’Arcy James (Broadway’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) is jealous of Tom Levett (Christian Borle from Broadway’s Jesus Christ Superstar), Julia’s partner and co-writer of Smash. The actress who finally gets the role of Marilyn is Ivy Lynn played by Megan Hilty from the Broadway production of 9 to 5: The Musical. Plenty of behind the scenes back biting helps keep this production on a bumpy road.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E15  Bombshell    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 15: Bombshell   
"Bombshell" Full Episode (43:54)   
"Derek's Pep Talk" Clip (01:23)   
"Nick Jonas Returns!" Clip (00:58)   
"Ellis' Shocking Confession" Clip (01:04)   
"Break a Leg!" Clip (00:51)   
S01:E14  Previews    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 14: Previews   
"Previews" Full Episode (43:52)   
"We're Not a Team" Clip (02:44)   
"Stand" Clip (02:42)   
"September Song" Clip (02:07)   
"Smash!" Clip (02:02)   
"The Show Comes to Life" Clip (00:58)   
"Smash Goes Gospel" Clip (01:08)   
"It's Showtime!" Clip (00:56)   
"Chorus' Time to Shine" Clip (02:11)   
S01:E13  Tech    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 13: Tech   
"Tech" Full Episode (42:45)   
"Happy Birthday, Mr. Director" Clip (00:47)   
"I'm Going Down" Clip (01:13)   
"Rebecca's Fears" Clip (01:21)   
"Dev's Confession" Clip (01:16)   
S01:E12  Publicity    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 12: Publicity   
"Publicity" Full Episode (43:57)   
"Rebecca Takes Over" Clip (00:53)   
"Secondhand White Baby Grand" Clip (02:31)   
"Derek Confronts Rebecca" Clip (00:49)   
S01:E11  The Movie Star S    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 11: The Movie Star S   
"The Movie Star" Full Episode (43:08)   
S01:E10  Understudy    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 10: Understudy   
"Understudy" Full Episode (43:50)   
S01:E09  Hell on Earth    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 9: Hell on Earth   
"Hell On Earth" Full Episode (43:47)   
"The Higher You Get, the Farther the Fall" Clip (03:55)   
"Frank Learns the Truth" Clip (02:49)   
S01:E08  The Coup    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 8: The Coup   
"The Coup" Full Episode (43:54)   
"The Claws Come Out" Clip (02:36)   
"Tough Talk" Clip (01:08)   
"Moving Experience" Clip (00:59)   
"Touch Me" Clip (03:35)   
S01:E07  The Workshop    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 7: The Workshop   
"The Workshop" Full Episode (43:47)   
"Marilyn's Debut" Clip (01:46)   
"Bernadette Peters Sings!" Clip (03:11)   
"Mom's Approval" Clip (01:14)   
S01:E06  Chemistry    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 6: Chemistry   
"Chemistry" Full Episode (43:49)   
"History Is Made at Night" Clip (01:04)   
"Shake It Out" Clip (01:22)   
"Ivy's Breaking Point" Clip (01:31)   
"Ivy's Vocal Issues" Clip (01:06)   
S01:E05  Let's Be Bad    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 5: Let's Be Bad   
"Let's Be Bad" Full Episode (43:49)   
"Ivy's Advice" Clip (01:38)   
"Let's Be Bad" Clip (01:03)   
"Stealing the Spotlight" Clip (01:15)   
"It's a Man's Man's Man's World" Clip (01:57)   
"A Song for You" Clip (01:22)   
S01:E04  The Cost of Art    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 4: The Cost of Art   
"The Cost of Art" Full Episode (43:51)   
"Work and Pleasure" Clip (01:01)   
"Vocal Battle" Clip (01:04)   
"A Risky Investment" Clip (01:12)   
"Ivy's Marilyn Charm" Clip (01:13)   
"Nick Jonas On Smash!" Clip (01:04)   
"Meet Lyle" Clip (00:34)   
"Lyle the Negotiator" Clip (01:10)   
S01:E03  Enter Mr. DiMaggio    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 3: Enter Mr. DiMaggio   
"Enter Mr. DiMaggio" Full Episode (43:47)   
"Julia's Confession" Clip (02:26)   
"Independent Woman" Clip (01:02)   
"Drinks With the Director" Clip (00:53)   
"Ellis vs. Julia" Clip (01:05)   
S01:E02  The Callback    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: The Callback   
"The Callback" Full Episode (44:05)   
"A Heated Rehearsal" Clip (02:21)   
"Practice Makes Perfect" Clip (00:24)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
"Special Full-Length Preview: Episode 1" Full Episode (46:50)   
"Pilot" Full Episode (44:31)   
"The Critics Rave" Clip (00:56)   
"Happy Birthday, Mr. President" Clip (03:15)   
"Beautiful" Clip (00:31)   
S00:Video  Derek Uncensored    
Complete Season   
"Derek Uncensored" Clip (1:30)   
S00:Video  Megan Hilty On Nick Jonas    
Complete Season   
"Megan Hilty On Nick Jonas" Clip (02:09)   
S00:Video  Star in Crisis    
Complete Season   
"Star in Crisis" Clip (01:07)   
S00:Video  Derek's Hallucination    
Complete Season   
"Derek's Hallucination" Clip (01:24)   
S00:Video  Press Tour: Anjelica Huston    
Complete Season   
"Press Tour: Anjelica Huston" Clip (05:59)   
S00:Video  Press Tour: Debra Messing    
Complete Season   
"Press Tour: Debra Messing" Clip (07:18)   
S00:Video  Press Tour: Megan Hilty    
Complete Season   
"Press Tour: Megan Hilty" Clip (05:58)   
S00:Video  Press Tour: Kat McPhee    
Complete Season   
"Press Tour: Kat McPhee" Clip (08:17)   
S00:Video  A Thousand and One Nights    
Complete Season   
"A Thousand and One Nights" Clip (03:12)   
S00:Video  The Music    
Complete Season   
"The Music" Clip (05:07)   
S00:Video  Ivy's Comeback?    
Complete Season   
"Ivy's Comeback?" Clip (00:44)   
S00:Video  Dig Deep    
Complete Season   
"Dig Deep" Clip (01:05)   
S00:Video  Dream Big    
Complete Season   
"Dream Big" Clip (00:15)   
S00:Video  Bar Buddies    
Complete Season   
"Bar Buddies" Clip (01:32)   
S00:Video  The Promise Land    
Complete Season   
"The Promise Land" Clip (01:00)   
S00:Video  Rebecca's Notes    
Complete Season   
"Rebecca's Notes" Clip (00:55)   
S00:Video  Don't Forget Me    
Complete Season   
"Don't Forget Me" Clip (03:10)   
S00:Video  Busted!    
Complete Season   
"Busted!" Clip (02:09)   
S00:Video  Megan Hilty On Bernadette Peters    
Complete Season   
"Megan Hilty On Bernadette Peters" Clip (01:28)   
S00:Video  Meet Derek Wills    
Complete Season   
"Meet Derek Wills" Clip (01:22)   
S00:Video  Nick Jonas Interview    
Complete Season   
"Nick Jonas Interview" Clip (03:59)   
S00:Video  Meet Tom Levitt    
Complete Season   
"Meet Tom Levitt" Clip (01:43)   
S00:Video  Mother Knows Best    
Complete Season   
"Mother Knows Best" Clip (01:57)   
S00:Video  Meet Julia Houston    
Complete Season   
"Meet Julia Houston" Clip (02:00)   
S00:Video  Star Quality    
Complete Season   
"Star Quality" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Bernadette Peters Interview    
Complete Season   
"Bernadette Peters Interview" Clip (03:53)   
S00:Video  Karen's Biggest Fan    
Complete Season   
"Karen's Biggest Fan" Clip (01:09)   
S00:Video  Rebecca vs. Dev    
Complete Season   
"Rebecca vs. Dev" Clip (01:16)   
S00:Video  Michael's Return    
Complete Season   
"Michael's Return" Clip (01:23)   
S00:Video  An Indecent Proposal    
Complete Season   
"An Indecent Proposal" Clip (01:28)   
S00:Video  Dating a Movie Star    
Complete Season   
"Dating a Movie Star" Clip (02:02)   
S00:Video  Marilyn and Joe's Duet    
Complete Season   
"Marilyn and Joe's Duet" Clip (01:38)   
S00:Video  NBC's Smash Make a Musical    
Complete Season   
"NBC's Smash Make a Musical" Clip (03:15)   
S00:Video  Old-Fashioned    
Complete Season   
"Old-Fashioned" Clip (02:20)   
S00:Video  Julia Gives in    
Complete Season   
"Julia Gives in" Clip (03:42)   
S00:Video  Bedroom Serenade    
Complete Season   
"Bedroom Serenade" Clip (01:05)   
S00:Video  Rebecca On Edge    
Complete Season   
"Rebecca On Edge" Clip (01:12)   
S00:Video  Meet Eileen Rand    
Complete Season   
"Meet Eileen Rand" Clip (01:53)   
S00:Video  Enough Is Enough    
Complete Season   
"Enough Is Enough" Clip (00:57)   

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