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English  |  Health & Wellness
Ruby TV show is a documentary style reality television series on the Style Network that debuted in 2008 in the United States. This inspirational TV show gives viewers an intimate look inside the life of Ruby Gettinger, a woman struggling against life-threatening obesity. Ruby starts the show weighing more than 477 lbs (she originally weighed over 700 lbs.) Ruby works with nutritionists, doctors, and trainers to lose weight, all the while commenting honestly and often humorously about the experience. The show also deals with the every-day life issues a morbidly obese person can face, such as the difficulty in using airplane bathrooms.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S04:E10  Candid Talk With Rosie    
"Candid Talk With Rosie" Clip (01:46)   
"Exploring the Big Apple" Clip (01:53)   
"Two Fans Win a Chance to Hang With Ruby" Clip (02:30)   
"California Lovin'" Clip (02:13)   
Two Fans Win a Chance to Hang Wi... (02:30)   
California Lovin' (02:13)   
Candid Talk With Rosie (01:46)   
Exploring the Big Apple (01:53)   
S04:E09  Play Ball    
"Play Ball" Clip (02:12)   
"Gettinger Heirloom" Clip (01:16)   
Gettinger Heirloom (01:16)   
Play Ball (02:12)   
S04:E08  Bonus: Reflections    
"Bonus: Reflections" Clip (02:48)   
"Fooling Around" Clip (01:39)   
"Holding Ruby Accountable" Clip (02:09)   
Bonus: Reflections (02:48)   
Fooling Around (01:39)   
Holding Ruby Accountable (02:09)   
S04:E07  Bonus: Fan Mail    
"Bonus: Fan Mail" Clip (02:11)   
"Marriage On My Mind" Clip (01:41)   
"Jim's Big Moment" Clip (02:01)   
Bonus: Fan Mail (02:11)   
Jim's Big Moment (02:01)   
Marriage On My Mind (01:41)   
S04:E06  Hiking up Runyon Canyon    
"Hiking up Runyon Canyon" Clip (01:55)   
"Candyland" Clip (01:53)   
Candyland (01:53)   
Hiking up Runyon Canyon (01:55)   
S04:E05  Bonus: Viewer Mail    
"Bonus: Viewer Mail" Clip (02:38)   
"Fighting the Temptation" Clip (01:31)   
"Beach Bootcamp" Clip (02:09)   
Fighting the Temptation (01:31)   
Beach Bootcamp (02:09)   
Bonus: Viewer Mail (02:38)   
S04:E04  Tapping Into Energy    
"Tapping Into Energy" Clip (02:01)   
"Raging Waters" Clip (01:36)   
"Bonus: Shop 'Til You Drop" Clip (01:57)   
Bonus: Shop 'Til You Drop (01:57)   
Raging Waters (01:36)   
Tapping Into Energy (02:01)   
S04:E03  Deciphering Dreams    
"Deciphering Dreams" Clip (01:35)   
"Yard Sale Shenanigans" Clip (02:20)   
"Bonus: Lovers' Lane" Clip (04:15)   
Bonus: Lovers' Lane (04:15)   
Deciphering Dreams (01:35)   
Yard Sale Shenanigans (02:20)   
S04:E02  Feeling Like a Failure    
"Feeling Like a Failure" Clip (01:43)   
"Letters from the Past" Clip (02:04)   
"Bonus: Bust a Move" Clip (01:58)   
Bonus: Bust a Move (01:58)   
Feeling Like a Failure (01:43)   
Letters from the Past (02:04)   
S04:E01  Healthy Locales    
"Healthy Locales" Clip (01:52)   
"Single Forever" Clip (02:59)   
"Basking in Faux Glow" Clip (02:12)   
"Food Triggers" Clip (02:46)   
"Giving up Snacks" Clip (01:36)   
"Overweight America" Clip (01:58)   
"Gaining Weight" Clip (02:10)   
"Bonus: Zoo Adventure" Clip (04:37)   
Ruby On the Street: Overweight A... (01:58)   
Ruby On the Street: Giving up Sn... (01:36)   
Ruby On the Street: Gaining Weight (02:10)   
Ruby On the Street: Healthy Locales (01:52)   
Ruby On the Street: Food Triggers (02:46)   
Basking in Faux Glow (02:12)   
Bonus: Zoo Adventure (04:37)   
Single Forever (02:59)   
S03:E11  Sightseeing in Sydney    
"Sightseeing in Sydney" Clip (02:38)   
"Kangaroo Jack" Clip (01:38)   
Kangaroo Jack (01:38)   
Sightseeing in Sydney (02:38)   
S03:E10  Bonus: Overeaters Anonymous    
"Bonus: Overeaters Anonymous" Clip (01:41)   
"Painful Breakthroughs" Clip (03:01)   
"Therapy Rebellion" Clip (02:59)   
"Embracing Change" Clip (01:47)   
Bonus: Overeaters Anonymous (01:41)   
Embracing Change (01:47)   
Painful Breakthroughs (03:01)   
Therapy Rebellion (02:59)   
S03:E09  Family Sculpt    
"Family Sculpt" Clip (03:15)   
"Self Defense" Clip (02:16)   
"Bonus: Fight Club" Clip (01:28)   
"Bonus: Chicks With Guns" Clip (03:00)   
Bonus: Chicks With Guns (03:00)   
Bonus: Fight Club (01:28)   
Family Sculpt (03:15)   
Self Defense (02:16)   
S03:E08  Supermarket Sweep    
"Supermarket Sweep" Clip (02:06)   
"Deep-Fried Fun" Clip (01:15)   
"Bonus: Cinch It!" Clip (02:44)   
"Bonus: Foxy Strikes a Pose" Clip (01:25)   
"Bonus: Happy Birthday Zach!" Clip (01:43)   
"Bonus: Thanksgiving Feast" Clip (02:27)   
"Bonus: Biking in the Neighborhood" Clip (00:45)   
Bonus: Cinch It! (02:44)   
Bonus: Biking in the Neighborhood (00:45)   
Bonus: Foxy Strikes a Pose (01:25)   
Bonus: Happy Birthday Zach! (01:43)   
Bonus: Thanksgiving Feast (02:27)   
Deep-Fried Fun (01:15)   
Supermarket Sweep (02:06)   
S03:E07  Ruby's Nip and Tuck    
"Ruby's Nip and Tuck" Clip (02:16)   
"Bonus: Honoring Jim Morrison" Clip (02:22)   
"Bonus: Flying High" Clip (02:32)   
"Gone Hiking" Clip (02:36)   
"Bonus: Denny's Wandering Eye" Clip (02:35)   
Bonus: Denny's Wandering Eye (02:35)   
Bonus: Flying High (02:32)   
Bonus: Honoring Jim Morrison (02:22)   
Gone Hiking (02:36)   
Ruby's Nip and Tuck (02:16)   
S03:E06  Bonus: a Chair-y Situation    
"Bonus: a Chair-y Situation" Clip (01:25)   
"Bonus: Pants Vs. Dress" Clip (02:02)   
"Bonus: Workout Wear" Clip (02:02)   
"Bounce, Rock, Roller Skate" Clip (02:39)   
"Hardest Give-Up" Clip (02:38)   
Bounce, Rock, Roller Skate (02:39)   
Hardest Give-Up (02:38)   
Bonus: a Chair-y Situation (01:25)   
Bonus: Pants Vs. Dress (02:02)   
Bonus: Workout Wear (02:02)   
S03:E05  Bonus: Guess Who?    
"Bonus: Guess Who?" Clip (02:00)   
"Bonus: Candid Talk" Clip (02:35)   
"Bonus: Practical Joke" Clip (02:10)   
"Recurring Nightmares" Clip (02:45)   
"Reuniting With Dr. Dukes" Clip (02:57)   
Bonus: Candid Talk (02:35)   
Bonus: Guess Who? (02:00)   
Bonus: Practical Joke (02:10)   
Recurring Nightmares (02:45)   
Reuniting With Dr. Dukes (02:57)   
S03:E04  Struggling With Weight    
"Struggling With Weight" Clip (02:26)   
"Bonus: Live Your Life" Clip (01:52)   
"Miss Plus Teen USA" Clip (01:57)   
"She's Got the Moves" Clip (02:28)   
"Bonus: Inner Beauty" Clip (00:59)   
"Bonus: Blast from the Past" Clip (01:16)   
Bonus: Blast from the Past (01:16)   
Bonus: Inner Beauty (00:59)   
Bonus: Live Your Life (01:52)   
Miss Plus Teen USA (01:57)   
She's Got the Moves (02:28)   
Ruby On the Street: Struggling W... (02:26)   
S03:E03  Dating a Big Woman    
"Dating a Big Woman" Clip (01:49)   
"Bonus: Sexy Side of Ruby" Clip (02:13)   
"Bonus: Ride the Bull" Clip (01:37)   
"Bonus: Masking the Pain" Clip (02:24)   
"Virgin Territory" Clip (01:42)   
"A Lot of Bull" Clip (02:02)   
Bonus: Masking the Pain (02:24)   
Bonus: Ride the Bull (01:37)   
Bonus: Sexy Side of Ruby (02:13)   
A Lot of Bull (02:02)   
Virgin Territory (01:42)   
Ruby On the Street: Dating a Big... (01:49)   
S03:E02  Eating Healthy    
"Eating Healthy" Clip (01:54)   
"Bonus: Road Trip" Clip (00:41)   
"Bonus: Hairy Situation" Clip (01:13)   
"Bonus: Breakthrough" Clip (01:47)   
"In His Shoes" Clip (02:24)   
"Honoring Oprah" Clip (01:57)   
Bonus: Breakthrough (01:47)   
Bonus: Hairy Situation (01:13)   
Bonus: Road Trip (00:41)   
Honoring Oprah (01:57)   
In His Shoes (02:24)   
Ruby On the Street: Eating Healthy (01:54)   
S03:E01  Dating a Chunky Guy    
"Dating a Chunky Guy" Clip (01:52)   
"Bonus: Dishing On Dana" Clip (01:04)   
"Bonus: Cutting the Cheese" Clip (01:23)   
"Weighty Issues" Clip (02:12)   
"Bonus: Sexual Barriers" Clip (02:03)   
Bonus: Cutting the Cheese (01:23)   
Bonus: Dishing On Dana (01:04)   
Bonus: Sexual Barriers (02:03)   
Weighty Issues (02:12)   
Ruby On the Street: Dating a Chu... (01:52)   
S02:E10  Gone Camping    
"Gone Camping" Clip (01:23)   
"Dealing With Stress" Clip (01:49)   
"Camp Activities" Clip (02:08)   
Camp Activities (02:08)   
Dealing With Stress (01:49)   
Gone Camping (01:23)   
S02:E09  Going to the Beach    
"Going to the Beach" Clip (01:15)   
"Strumming Along" Clip (00:58)   
"Run, Georgia, Run" Clip (01:09)   
"Emotional Eater" Clip (02:26)   
"Fast Food That's Healthy" Clip (01:14)   
"Wholesome Snacking" Clip (00:51)   
Emotional Eater (02:26)   
Fast Food That's Healthy (01:14)   
Going to the Beach (01:15)   
Run, Georgia, Run (01:09)   
Strumming Along (00:58)   
Wholesome Snacking (00:51)   
S02:E08  Fighting Temptation    
"Fighting Temptation" Clip (01:24)   
"Ruby On...Pet Peeves" Clip (00:30)   
"Measurements" Clip (01:30)   
"Shopping Smart" Clip (01:00)   
Fighting Temptation (01:24)   
Measurements (01:30)   
Ruby On...Pet Peeves (00:30)   
Shopping Smart (01:00)   
S02:E07  Treading Water    
"Treading Water" Clip (01:14)   
"You're a Flirt" Clip (01:40)   
"Playing Matchmaker" Clip (01:45)   
"Ruby On...Respect" Clip (00:51)   
"Swimsuit Shopping" Clip (01:26)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 8" Clip (01:30)   
Playing Matchmaker (01:45)   
Ruby On...Respect (00:51)   
Swimsuit Shopping (01:26)   
Treading Water (01:14)   
You're a Flirt (01:40)   
Ruby: Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 8 (01:30)   
S02:E06  Love from Ruby: Memory Lane    
"Love from Ruby: Memory Lane" Clip (02:02)   
"Girl Talk" Clip (01:17)   
"Trying Pilates" Clip (02:15)   
"Ruby the Photographer?" Clip (02:13)   
"Ruby On...Simple Pleasures" Clip (00:34)   
Girl Talk (01:17)   
Love from Ruby: Memory Lane (02:02)   
Ruby Bonus: Ruby the Photographer? (02:13)   
Ruby On...Simple Pleasures (00:34)   
Trying Pilates (02:15)   
S02:E05  Interior Inspiration    
"Interior Inspiration" Clip (03:18)   
"Love From Ruby: Fear of the Past" Clip (01:20)   
"Ruby On…Taking Risks" Clip (01:12)   
"Dance Fever" Clip (02:40)   
"Love From Ruby: Mental Makeover" Clip (00:55)   
"Pillow Talk" Clip (01:23)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 7" Clip (01:06)   
Dance Fever (02:40)   
Interior Inspiration (03:18)   
Love From Ruby: Fear of the Past (01:20)   
Love From Ruby: Mental Makeover (00:55)   
Ruby Bonus: Pillow Talk (01:23)   
Ruby On…Taking Risks (01:12)   
Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 7 (01:06)   
S02:E04  St. Louis    
"St. Louis" Clip (01:50)   
"Personal Punching Bag" Clip (01:21)   
"Table Talk" Clip (00:50)   
"Working It Out" Clip (01:41)   
"Searching for a Trainer" Clip (01:38)   
"Love from Ruby: The Big Picture" Clip (00:42)   
"Ruby On...Being Spontaneous" Clip (00:35)   
Love from Ruby: The Big Picture (00:42)   
Personal Punching Bag (01:21)   
Ruby Bonus: Table Talk (00:50)   
Ruby Bonus: Working It Out (01:41)   
Ruby On...Being Spontaneous (00:35)   
Ruby's Walk Across America: St. ... (01:50)   
Searching for a Trainer (01:38)   
S02:E03  Ruby On...Heroes    
"Ruby On...Heroes" Clip (00:27)   
"Getting a Mammogram" Clip (00:38)   
"Women's Fat Night" Clip (03:33)   
"L.A." Clip (02:38)   
"Love from Ruby: Job Hunting" Clip (02:38)   
"Finding a Job" Clip (02:09)   
"Lady Business" Clip (01:58)   
"Bra Shopping" Clip (01:39)   
Finding a Job (02:09)   
Love from Ruby: Job Hunting (02:38)   
Ruby Bonus: Bra Shopping (01:39)   
Ruby Bonus: Getting a Mammogram (00:38)   
Ruby Bonus: Lady Business (01:58)   
Ruby On...Heroes (00:27)   
Women's Fat Night (03:33)   
Ruby's Walk Across America: L.A. (02:38)   
S02:E02  Ruby On...The Future    
"Ruby On...The Future" Clip (00:53)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 5" Clip (01:12)   
"Bonus: Speaking Up" Clip (01:30)   
"Tan-tastic" Clip (02:00)   
"Heavy Lifting" Clip (01:30)   
"Love from Ruby: Eye on the Prize" Clip (01:26)   
"Bonus: Let's Straighten It Out" Clip (00:57)   
Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 5 (01:12)   
Bonus: Let's Straighten It Out (00:57)   
Bonus: Speaking Up (01:30)   
Heavy Lifting (01:30)   
Love from Ruby: Eye on the Prize (01:26)   
Ruby On...The Future (00:53)   
Tan-tastic (02:00)   
S02:E01  Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 2    
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 2" Clip (01:14)   
"Philly" Clip (02:57)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour" Clip (01:09)   
"Ruby On...Being a Star" Clip (00:36)   
"Love from Ruby: Life Lessons" Clip (01:13)   
"10,000 Stairs" Clip (00:31)   
"Rascal Flatts Concert" Clip (02:22)   
"The Weigh-In" Clip (03:25)   
"Pizza, Pizza" Clip (00:45)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 3" Clip (01:39)   
"D.C." Clip (02:29)   
"Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 1" Clip (01:38)   
"Old Love" Clip (01:47)   
"NYC" Clip (02:20)   
"Ruby On...Motivation" Clip (00:52)   
Ruby's Walk Across America: Philly (02:57)   
Ruby's Walk Across America: D.C. (02:29)   
Ruby: Haunted Savannah Tour (01:09)   
Ruby On...Being a Star (00:36)   
Ruby On...Motivation (00:52)   
Ruby: Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 1 (01:38)   
Ruby: Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 2 (01:14)   
Ruby: Haunted Savannah Tour, Part 3 (01:39)   
Love from Ruby: Life Lessons (01:13)   
Ruby Bonus: 10,000 Stairs (00:31)   
Ruby Bonus: Old Love (01:47)   
Ruby Bonus: Pizza, Pizza (00:45)   
Ruby's Walk Across America: NYC (02:20)   
Rascal Flatts Concert (02:22)   
The Weigh-In (03:25)   
S01:E59  The First 100 Pounds    
"The First 100 Pounds" Clip (01:03)   
"Caught in the Middle" Clip (03:29)   
Caught in the Middle (03:29)   
The First 100 Pounds (01:03)   
S01:E10  Beginner's Workout    
"Beginner's Workout" Clip (04:33)   
"No More Excuses" Clip (04:34)   
Ruby Bonus: Beginner's Workout (04:33)   
Ruby Bonus: No More Excuses (04:34)   
S01:E09  From the Heart    
"From the Heart" Clip (01:12)   
"Ruby On... Helping Others" Clip (01:20)   
"Fishing for Memories" Clip (02:28)   
"Slimming Down" Clip (01:03)   
"The Great Outdoors" Clip (02:49)   
Fishing for Memories (02:28)   
The Great Outdoors (02:49)   
Ruby Bonus: From the Heart (01:12)   
Ruby On... Helping Others (01:20)   
Ruby's Reflections: Slimming Down (01:03)   
S01:E08  Shop Diary    
"Shop Diary" Clip (00:38)   
"Ruby On... Helping Hands" Clip (01:42)   
"Let's Go Shopping" Clip (03:49)   
"Playing Tennis" Clip (01:59)   
Let's Go Shopping (03:49)   
Ruby Bonus: Playing Tennis (01:59)   
Ruby On... Helping Hands (01:42)   
Ruby's Reflections: Shop Diary (00:38)   
S01:E07  Buckle Up!    
"Buckle Up!" Clip (01:27)   
"Ruby's DMV Driving Test" Clip (02:12)   
"Bonus Ruby: Fighting the Temptation" Clip (02:10)   
"Ruby On...Favorite Music" Clip (00:38)   
"You're Free Sister" Clip (01:48)   
Bonus Ruby: Fighting the Temptation (02:10)   
Ruby On...Favorite Music (00:38)   
Ruby's DMV Driving Test (02:12)   
Ruby's Reflections: Buckle Up! (01:27)   
You're Free Sister (01:48)   
S01:E06  Food Diary    
"Food Diary" Clip (01:42)   
"Old Friends" Clip (01:55)   
"Georgia's Makeover" Clip (02:16)   
"L.A. Look Back" Clip (02:17)   
"Ruby On…Friends" Clip (02:17)   
Food Diary (01:42)   
Old Friends (01:55)   
Ruby Bonus: Georgia's Makeover (02:16)   
Ruby On…Friends (02:17)   
Ruby's Reflections: L.A. Look Back (02:17)   
S01:E05  Call on God    
"Call on God" Clip (02:02)   
"Sunny California" Clip (02:22)   
"Ruby on…Los Angeles" Clip (01:16)   
"Meal Programs" Clip (00:59)   
"Look at the Baby!" Clip (01:37)   
"Big in a Little World" Clip (02:26)   
Big in a Little World (02:26)   
Look at the Baby! (01:37)   
Ruby on…Los Angeles (01:16)   
Ruby's Reflections: Meal Programs (00:59)   
Sunny California (02:22)   
Ruby Bonus: Call on God (02:02)   
S01:E04  Thunderstorm    
"Thunderstorm" Clip (02:16)   
"Tough Stuff" Clip (02:28)   
Thunderstorm (02:16)   
Tough Stuff (02:28)   
S01:E03  Breaking Down    
"Breaking Down" Clip (02:52)   
"Fighting the Temptation" Clip (01:50)   
Breaking Down (02:52)   
Fighting the Temptation (01:50)   
S01:E02  What's Your Intention?    
"What's Your Intention?" Clip (03:24)   
"Curious Ruby" Clip (02:43)   
Curious Ruby (02:43)   
What's Your Intention? (03:24)   
S01:E01  Opening Up    
"Opening Up" Clip (02:36)   
"Forgetting the Pain" Clip (03:58)   
"Congratulations!" Clip (02:29)   
"Facing Reality" Clip (03:04)   
Congratulations! (02:29)   
Facing Reality (03:04)   
Forgetting the Pain (03:58)   
Ruby's Reflections: Opening Up (02:36)   
S00:Video  Belonging to a Gym    
"Belonging to a Gym" Clip (02:04)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 3    
"Savannah Tour, Part 3" Clip (01:56)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 4    
"Savannah Tour, Part 4" Clip (01:44)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 1    
"Savannah Tour, Part 1" Clip (01:46)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 5    
"Savannah Tour, Part 5" Clip (02:16)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 6    
"Savannah Tour, Part 6" Clip (01:44)   
S00:Video  Savannah Tour, Part 2    
"Savannah Tour, Part 2" Clip (02:03)   

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