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Rookie Blue

English  |  Action & Adventure
If the medical profession has the television drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, the police force now has Rookie Blue. Formerly named Copper, Rookie Blue TV Show is a police drama that’s set in Toronto, Canada. It gives a raw insight on the action-packed exploits of the five fresh graduates from the Police Academy. The five rookie cops are ambitious and out to get the bad guys in the big, bad city. But it does not take them long to realize that real-life policing is not just about chasing the suspects. Rookie Blue TV Show portrays police reports as they are—these involve a lot of politics and more make-or-break stakes at the cost of others’ lives.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S03:E13  I Never    
Season 3 Episode 13: I Never   
"I Never" Full Episode (43:12)   
S03:E12  Every Man    
Season 3 Episode 12: Every Man   
"Every Man" Full Episode (43:14)   
S03:E11  The Rules    
Season 3 Episode 11: The Rules   
"The Rules" Full Episode (42:10)   
S03:E10  Cold Comforts    
Season 3 Episode 10: Cold Comforts   
"Cold Comforts" Full Episode (43:12)   
S03:E09  Out of Time    
Season 3 Episode 9: Out of Time   
"Out of Time" Full Episode (43:09)   
S03:E08  The Girlfriend Experience    
Season 3 Episode 8: The Girlfriend Experience   
"The Girlfriend Experience" Full Episode (42:59)   
S03:E07  Leap of Faith    
Season 3 Episode 7: Leap of Faith   
"Leap of Faith" Full Episode (43:13)   
S03:E06  Coming Home    
Season 3 Episode 6: Coming Home   
"Coming Home" Full Episode (42:58)   
S03:E05  Messy Houses    
Season 3 Episode 5: Messy Houses   
"Messy Houses" Full Episode (43:13)   
S03:E04  Girls' Night Out    
Season 3 Episode 4: Girls' Night Out   
"Girls' Night Out" Full Episode (42:24)   
S03:E03  A Good Shoot    
Season 3 Episode 3: A Good Shoot   
"A Good Shoot" Full Episode (43:14)   
S03:E02  Class Dismissed    
Season 3 Episode 2: Class Dismissed   
"Class Dismissed" Full Episode (43:03)   
S03:E01  First Day of the Rest of Your Life    
Season 3 Episode 1: First Day of the Rest of Your Life   
"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" Full Episode (43:13)   
"That's the Girl!" Clip (01:28)   
"Stand Down!" Clip (01:55)   
S02:E13  God's Good Grace    
Season 2 Episode 13: God's Good Grace   
S02:E12  On the Double    
Season 2 Episode 12: On the Double   
S02:E11  A Little Faith    
Season 2 Episode 11: A Little Faith   
S02:E10  Best Laid Plans    
Season 2 Episode 10: Best Laid Plans   
S02:E09  Brotherhood    
Season 2 Episode 9: Brotherhood   
S02:E08  Monster    
Season 2 Episode 8: Monster   
S02:E07  The One That Got Away    
Season 2 Episode 7: The One That Got Away   
S02:E06  In Plain View    
Season 2 Episode 6: In Plain View   
S02:E05  Stung    
Season 2 Episode 5: Stung   
S02:E04  Heart & Sparks    
Season 2 Episode 4: Heart & Sparks   
S02:E03  Bad Moon Rising    
Season 2 Episode 3: Bad Moon Rising   
"Protect and Serve!" Clip (02:05)   
S02:E02  Might Have Been    
Season 2 Episode 2: Might Have Been   
S02:E01  Butterflies    
Season 2 Episode 1: Butterflies   
S01:E13  Takedown    
Season 1 Episode 13: Takedown   
S01:E12  In Blue    
Season 1 Episode 12: In Blue   
S01:E11  To Serve or Protect    
Season 1 Episode 11: To Serve or Protect   
S01:E10  Big Nickel    
Season 1 Episode 10: Big Nickel   
S01:E09  Girlfriend of the Year    
Season 1 Episode 9: Girlfriend of the Year   
S01:E08  Honor Role    
Season 1 Episode 8: Honor Role   
S01:E07  Hot and Bothered    
Season 1 Episode 7: Hot and Bothered   
S01:E06  Bullet Proof    
Season 1 Episode 6: Bullet Proof   
S01:E05  Broad Daylight    
Season 1 Episode 5: Broad Daylight   
S01:E04  Signals Crossed    
Season 1 Episode 4: Signals Crossed   
S01:E03  Fite Nite    
Season 1 Episode 3: Fite Nite   
S01:E02  Mercury Retrograde    
Season 1 Episode 2: Mercury Retrograde   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   

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