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English  |  Comedy & Humor
With much humor derived from some cast members of Saturday Night Live and with approval from Lorne Michaels himself, Portlandia was born. The name Portlandia refers to a sculpture with that title found over the entrance doors of the Portland Building which is situated in downtown Portland on Fifth Avenue. The show has the fast paced comedy touch that SNL is well noted for and cast members Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein help keep it moving along. With Lorne Michaels as executive producer and creative writing from Fred Armisen, Jonathan Krisel, and Carrie Brownstein the show appears to have a bright future. We see how popular restaurants along the famous Hawthorne District in Portland handle irate dinner guests when they leave rather nasty reviews on a website titled Yelp! Another episode finds how badly a one man performance can actually be at the Hollywood Theatre, a local historic building in northeast Portland. If it happens in or around Portland it might end up on the show in some fashion, most likely comedic in tone. Portlandia currently runs on the IFC (Independent Film Channel).
Season:Episode Title Queue
S02:E10  Brunch Village    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 10: Brunch Village   
"Brunch Village: Fred and Carrie" Clip (02:08)   
"Brunch Village: Peter and Nance" Clip (01:51)   
"Brunch Village Part 1" Clip (03:27)   
Brunch Village: Fred and Carrie (02:08)   
Brunch Village Part 1 (03:27)   
Brunch Village: Peter and Nance (01:51)   
S02:E09  No Olympics    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 9: No Olympics   
"No Olympics" Clip (03:09)   
"Canoe Dance" Clip (02:11)   
"Baby Contraptions" Clip (01:57)   
Baby Contraptions (01:57)   
Canoe Dance (02:11)   
No Olympics (03:09)   
S02:E08  Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 8: Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary   
"Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary" Clip (02:40)   
"Get the Gear" Clip (02:30)   
"Sanitation Twins" Clip (02:04)   
Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary (02:40)   
Get the Gear (02:30)   
Sanitation Twins (02:04)   
S02:E07  Motorcycle    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 7: Motorcycle   
"Adult Babysitter" Clip (04:47)   
"Motorcycle 2" Clip (02:40)   
"Small Import Hatchback" Clip (02:24)   
Adult Babysitter (04:47)   
Motorcycle 2 (02:40)   
Small Import Hatchback (02:24)   
S02:E06  Cat Nap    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 6: Cat Nap   
"Shes Making Jewelry Now" Clip (02:14)   
"2 Girls 2 Shirts" Clip (01:58)   
"CatNap 2" Clip (02:42)   
2 Girls 2 Shirts (01:58)   
CatNap 2 (02:42)   
Shes Making Jewelry Now (02:14)   
S02:E05  Cops Redesign    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 5: Cops Redesign   
"Zero Packaging Rats" Clip (03:01)   
"Dream of the 1890s" Clip (03:18)   
Dream of the 1890s (03:18)   
Zero Packaging Rats (03:01)   
S02:E04  Grover    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 4: Grover   
"Grover 2" Clip (02:39)   
Grover 2 (02:39)   
S02:E03  Cool Wedding    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 3: Cool Wedding   
S02:E02  One Moore Episode    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 2: One Moore Episode   
"Knots" Clip (02:57)   
"Bad Tattoo" Clip (03:38)   
"Allergy Pride" Clip (03:04)   
Allergy Pride (03:04)   
Bad Tattoo (03:38)   
Knots (02:57)   
S02:E01  Mixology    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 1: Mixology   
"Helicopter Parents" Clip (03:03)   
"Mixologist, Part 2" Clip (03:51)   
"Mixologist, Part 1" Clip (02:11)   
Helicopter Parents (03:03)   
Mixologist, Part 1 (02:11)   
Mixologist, Part 2 (03:51)   
S01:E06  Baseball    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 6: Baseball   
"Outdoor Movie" Clip (02:48)   
"Feminist Bookstore: Journaling Class" Clip (04:17)   
"Artisanal Light Bulbs" Clip (02:38)   
"Portland Unemployment PSA" Clip (01:23)   
Artisanal Light Bulbs (02:38)   
Feminist Bookstore: Journaling C... (04:17)   
Outdoor Movie (02:48)   
Portland Unemployment PSA (01:23)   
S01:E05  Blunderbuss    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 5: Blunderbuss   
"Finding Mr. Write" Clip (02:15)   
"Live Relaxing Music" Clip (03:16)   
"The Deuce Hotel" Clip (03:14)   
"Flyer Wars" Clip (01:56)   
The Deuce Hotel (03:14)   
Finding Mr. Write (02:15)   
Flyer Wars (01:56)   
Live Relaxing Music (03:16)   
S01:E04  Mayor is Missing    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 4: Mayor is Missing   
"Rules for House Sitting" Clip (03:30)   
"Did You Read?" Clip (01:51)   
"Family Plan" Clip (04:33)   
Did You Read? (01:51)   
Family Plan (04:33)   
Rules for House Sitting (03:30)   
S01:E03  Aimee    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 3: Aimee   
"Cacao Sex Toy" Clip (03:00)   
"Harajuku Girls" Clip (02:22)   
"This Bar Is Over" Clip (02:04)   
"Dumpster Divers" Clip (03:48)   
Cacao Sex Toy (03:00)   
Dumpster Divers (03:48)   
Harajuku Girls (02:22)   
This Bar Is Over (02:04)   
S01:E02  A Song for Portland    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: A Song for Portland   
"Put a Bird On It" Clip (01:40)   
"Bike Rider" Clip (01:22)   
"Feminist Bookstore: Reading List" Clip (03:14)   
"Cacao" Clip (03:20)   
Bike Rider (01:22)   
Cacao (03:20)   
Feminist Bookstore: Reading List (03:14)   
Put a Bird On It (01:40)   
S01:E01  Farm    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Farm   
"Feminist Bookstore: Bathroom for Customers Only" Clip (04:41)   
"Ordering the Chicken, Part 1" Clip (02:32)   
"I Dream of the 90s" Clip (03:23)   
"Hide and Seek" Clip (03:42)   
"Overview" Clip (00:30)   
"Welcome to Portlandia" Clip (02:00)   
"Meet the Inhabitants" Clip (01:02)   
Feminist Bookstore: Bathroom for... (04:41)   
Hide and Seek (03:42)   
I Dream of the 90s (03:23)   
Meet the Inhabitants (01:02)   
Ordering the Chicken, Part 1 (02:32)   
Overview (00:30)   
Welcome to Portlandia (02:00)   
S00:Video  Everyone Is a DJ    
Complete Season   
"Everyone Is a DJ" Clip (03:39)   
S00:Video  Dropping Your Phone    
Complete Season   
"Dropping Your Phone" Clip (01:45)   
S00:Video  No Grocery Bag    
Complete Season   
"No Grocery Bag" Clip (02:28)   
S00:Video  Cool Wedding 1    
Complete Season   
"Cool Wedding 1" Clip (02:34)   

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