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Peep Show

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Who says symbiosis cannot be funny? Co-dependency typically is tragic; reciprocity generally is wistful and romantic. “Peep Show” affords viewers a rare and privileged glimpse into perfect coincidence and complement. “Peep Show” pairs the proper and respectable, reasonably successful but socially inept Mark Corrigan with Jeremy Lisbourne, an unemployed musician who makes-up in narcissism and self-confidence what he lacks in musical talent. Of course, Jeremy’s irrepressible optimism complements Mark’s relentless pessimism. Of course, Mark’s cynicism and lassitude provoke Jeremy’s vaguely manic enthusiasm. Of course, women terrify Mark, encouraging Jeremy to tutor him in the subtle arts of grace and seduction. One could not survive without the other; and in this intricately inter-dependent environment, “Peep Show’s” comedy flourishes. Early in 2011, “Peep Show” earned the title “longest-running sit-com on British Television’s Channel 4.” To the best of our knowledge, they award no nifty statuette for that, but it represents a considerable honour—at least as big as the show’s BAFTA awards. “Peep Show’s” style showcases its writers’ talents, because it features point of view shots with Mark and Jeremy’s thoughts revealed in voice-overs.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S07:E06  New Years Eve    
"New Years Eve" Full Episode (24:38)   
S07:E05  Seasonal Beatings    
"Seasonal Beatings" Full Episode (25:43)   
S07:E04  Nether Zone    
"Nether Zone" Full Episode (23:25)   
S07:E03  A Beautiful Mind    
"A Beautiful Mind" Full Episode (23:20)   
S07:E02  Man Jam    
"Man Jam" Full Episode (24:36)   
S07:E01  St. Hospital’s    
"St. Hospital’s" Full Episode (24:01)   
S06:E06  Das Boot    
"Das Boot" Full Episode (24:07)   
Das Boot (24:07)   
S06:E05  The Party    
"The Party" Full Episode (24:42)   
The Party (24:42)   
S06:E04  The Affair    
"The Affair" Full Episode (24:54)   
The Affair (24:54)   
S06:E03  Jeremy in Love    
"Jeremy in Love" Full Episode (23:40)   
Jeremy in Love (23:40)   
S06:E02  The Test    
"The Test" Full Episode (24:33)   
The Test (24:33)   
S06:E01  Jeremy at JLB    
"Jeremy at JLB" Full Episode (23:57)   
Jeremy at JLB (23:57)   
S05:E06  Mark's Women    
"Mark's Women" Full Episode (25:40)   
Mark's Women (25:40)   
S05:E05  Jeremy's Manager    
"Jeremy's Manager" Full Episode (24:54)   
Jeremy's Manager (24:54)   
S05:E04  Jeremy's Mummy    
"Jeremy's Mummy" Full Episode (24:25)   
Jeremy's Mummy (24:25)   
S05:E03  Jeremy Broke    
"Jeremy Broke" Full Episode (24:56)   
Jeremy Broke (24:56)   
S05:E02  Spin War    
"Spin War" Full Episode (24:10)   
Spin War (24:10)   
S05:E01  Burgling    
"Burgling" Full Episode (23:41)   
Burgling (23:41)   
S04:E06  The Wedding    
"The Wedding" Full Episode (25:59)   
The Wedding (25:59)   
S04:E05  Holiday    
"Holiday" Full Episode (24:00)   
Holiday (24:00)   
S04:E04  Handyman    
"Handyman" Full Episode (25:15)   
Handyman (25:15)   
S04:E03  Gym    
"Gym" Full Episode (24:33)   
Gym (24:33)   
S04:E02  Conference    
"Conference" Full Episode (25:52)   
Conference (25:52)   
S04:E01  Sophie’s Parents    
"Sophie’s Parents" Full Episode (24:44)   
Sophie’s Parents (24:44)   
S03:E06  Quantocking    
"Quantocking" Full Episode (24:59)   
Quantocking (24:59)   
S03:E05  Jurying    
"Jurying" Full Episode (25:04)   
Jurying (25:04)   
S03:E04  Sistering    
"Sistering" Full Episode (23:35)   
Sistering (23:35)   
S03:E03  Shrooming    
"Shrooming" Full Episode (23:16)   
Shrooming (23:16)   
S03:E02  Sectioning    
"Sectioning" Full Episode (24:02)   
Sectioning (24:02)   
S03:E01  Mugging    
"Mugging" Full Episode (24:40)   
Mugging (24:40)   
S02:E06  Wedding    
"Wedding" Full Episode (25:54)   
Wedding (25:54)   
S02:E05  The Man Show    
"The Man Show" Full Episode (25:46)   
The Man Show (25:46)   
S02:E04  University Challenge    
"University Challenge" Full Episode (25:56)   
University Challenge (25:56)   
S02:E03  Local Hero    
"Local Hero" Full Episode (25:17)   
Local Hero (25:17)   
S02:E02  Jeremy Makes It    
"Jeremy Makes It" Full Episode (25:52)   
Jeremy Makes It (25:52)   
S02:E01  Dance Class    
"Dance Class" Full Episode (26:48)   
Dance Class (26:48)   
S01:E06  Funeral    
"Funeral" Full Episode (25:04)   
Funeral (25:04)   
S01:E05  Dream Job    
"Dream Job" Full Episode (24:35)   
Dream Job (24:35)   
S01:E04  Mark Makes A Friend    
"Mark Makes A Friend" Full Episode (24:05)   
Mark Makes A Friend (24:05)   
S01:E03  On The Pull    
"On The Pull" Full Episode (23:38)   
On The Pull (23:38)   
S01:E02  The Interview    
"The Interview" Full Episode (24:00)   
The Interview (24:00)   
S01:E01  Warring Factions    
"Warring Factions" Full Episode (24:00)   
Warring Factions (24:00)   

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