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Paranormal TV

English  |  Horror & Suspense
If you think you have seen tiny ships you may be on to something. The Galactic Federation of Light may be responsible for a small number of sightings yet to be verified by anyone in authority yet making the rounds of everything from talk shows to the local news channels. On Paranormal TV you can see it all. The top news stories dealing with the unusual or unbelievable can be seen along with the very latest in detection methods used to observe the phenomena some see but most simply refuse to believe in. Follow along as the show delves into a UFO Hypothesis on demonic or extraterrestrial activities. Learn the latest info on Area 51 activity and what actually occurred at Roswell. Explore the evidence of ancient explorers from space that left behind strong evidence that they once visited Earth. On another subject, look into the possibility of encounters with guardian angels and near death experiences by children and adults. Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all Paranormal TV shows you something stunning.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E24  Stanton Friedman Is Real    
Full Episode   
S01:E06  Monsters, Madness & Mayhem - Creatures    
Full Episode   
S01:E05  Evil & Infamous - Human Nature    
Full Episode   
S01:E04  The Mysteries of Faith - Tales of the Unexplained    
Full Episode   
Mysteries, Magic & Miracles   
S01:E03  Real Miracles - Weeping Madonnas    
Full Episode   
London Underworld : Tales of the Unexplained   
S01:E02  Real Miracles - Healing Water of Tlacote    
Full Episode   
Roswell Top Secret   
Creatures of the Night : Tales of the Unexplained   
S01:E01  Fields of Fear    
Full Episode   
Monsters of the UFO: Incident at Kelly   
Roswell: The UFO Uncover-up   
Tales of the Unexplained : UFO Chronicles   
666 Revealed   
S01:Video  KGB Psychic Files    
Full Episode   
S01:Video  The Government UFO Cover-up    
The Government UFO Cover-up   
S01:Video  The Secret NASA Transmissions    
The Secret NASA Transmissions   
S01:Video  The Visitors    
The Visitors   
S01:Video  Strange Encounters    
Strange Encounters   
S01:Video  Real Miracles - Miracles of Saints    
Real Miracles - Miracles of Saints   

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