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English  |  Comedy & Humor
“Outsourced” TV Show tries hard to entertain while never offending. Employees in a call center situated in Mumbai, India must learn about American culture at least to familiarize themselves with the odd and sometimes embarrassing items they offer for sale through a U.S. business catalog. Mid America Novelties is one of those catalog mail order call centers that provide “flatulence” cushions, exploding cigarettes, bizarre party favors, and many other eccentric items for those who have a broad sense of humor. A shaky economy has forced the business to head to India where the outsourced jobs are most welcome. However Todd Dempsey (Ben Rappaport) has a lot to learn about Indian culture in order to lead his team of employees to success in sales. He attempts to teach them about American culture while he learns all he can about India and its cultural differences. Todd has an assistant manager who wants to move up the ladder and eager to learn employees who have difficulty understanding why American humor is so vastly different from their own. The NBC program is a hilarious sitcom that also shows that we aren’t that much different no matter where we live.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E22  Rajiv Ties the Baraat, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Rajiv Ties the Baraat, Part 2" Full Episode (21:08)   
"A Happy Ending" Clip (04:41)   
S01:E21  Rajiv Ties the Baratt, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Rajiv Ties the Baratt, Part 1" Full Episode (21:08)   
"Rajiv's Bachelor Party" Clip (00:57)   
S01:E20  Mama Sutra    
Complete Season   
"Mama Sutra" Full Episode (21:09)   
"One Hot Aussie Mama" Clip (00:55)   
S01:E19  Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd    
Complete Season   
"Charlie Curries a Favor from Todd" Full Episode (21:10)   
"Boneathon" Clip (00:40)   
S01:E18  Gupta's Hits and Manmeet's Missus    
Complete Season   
"Gupta's Hits and Manmeet's Missus" Full Episode (21:14)   
"Tale of Two Slaps" Clip (03:59)   
S01:E17  Todd's Holi War    
Complete Season   
"Todd's Holi War" Full Episode (21:08)   
"A Holi Battle" Clip (01:44)   
S01:E16  Take This Punjab and Shove It    
Complete Season   
"Take This Punjab and Shove It" Full Episode (20:36)   
S01:E15  Guess Who's Coming to Delhi    
Complete Season   
"Guess Who's Coming to Delhi" Full Episode (21:12)   
S01:E14  The Todd Couple    
Complete Season   
"The Todd Couple" Full Episode (21:07)   
"Two Timin'" Clip (01:15)   
S01:E13  Training Day    
Complete Season   
"Training Day" Full Episode (21:08)   
"Unsafe Haven" Clip (01:32)   
S01:E12  Sari Charlie    
Complete Season   
"Sari Charlie" Full Episode (21:08)   
"Laughing Gas" Clip (01:10)   
S01:E11  A Sitar Is Born    
Complete Season   
"A Sitar Is Born" Full Episode (21:05)   
"Madhuri's Musical Moment" Clip (01:40)   
S01:E10  Homesick to My Stomach    
Complete Season   
"Homesick to My Stomach" Full Episode (21:09)   
"Are You Ready for Some Football?" Clip (02:00)   
S01:E09  Temporary Monsanity    
Complete Season   
"Temporary Monsanity" Full Episode (21:11)   
"What's Thanksgiving?" Clip (01:17)   
S01:E08  Home for the Diwalidays    
Complete Season   
"Home for the Diwalidays" Full Episode (21:06)   
"Reverse Blackmail" Clip (02:03)   
S01:E07  Truly, Madly, Pradeeply    
Complete Season   
"Truly, Madly, Pradeeply" Full Episode (21:05)   
"Kama Sutra Karma" Clip (01:24)   
S01:E06  Bolloween    
Complete Season   
"Bolloween" Full Episode (21:11)   
"Amorous Alter Egos" Clip (03:54)   
S01:E05  Touched by an Anglo    
Complete Season   
"Touched by an Anglo" Full Episode (21:01)   
"A Touching Scene" Clip (02:01)   
S01:E04  Jolly Vindaloo Day    
Complete Season   
"Jolly Vindaloo Day" Full Episode (20:45)   
"May Your Life Be Filled With Flavor" Clip (03:32)   
S01:E03  Party of Five    
Complete Season   
"Party of Five" Full Episode (20:44)   
"I Never" Clip (03:04)   
S01:E02  Measure of a Manmeet    
Complete Season   
"Measure of a Manmeet" Full Episode (20:58)   
"When a Manmeet Loves a Woman" Clip (02:12)   
S01:E01  Outsourced - COMPLETE SEASON    
Complete Season   
"Pilot" Full Episode (22:52)   
"The American Experience" Clip (03:22)   
S00:Video  Love Advice, Part 4    
Complete Season   
"Love Advice, Part 4" Clip (00:59)   
S00:Video  Sleeping On the Job    
Complete Season   
"Sleeping On the Job" Clip (01:48)   
S00:Video  Love Advice, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Love Advice, Part 1" Clip (00:48)   
S00:Video  Asha Montage    
Complete Season   
"Asha Montage" Clip (01:57)   
S00:Video  Tonya Montage    
Complete Season   
"Tonya Montage" Clip (01:44)   
S00:Video  Ask Manmeet, Part 4    
Complete Season   
"Ask Manmeet, Part 4" Clip (00:57)   
S00:Video  Outsourced Fan Questions    
Complete Season   
"Outsourced Fan Questions" Clip (03:34)   
S00:Video  Love Advice, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Love Advice, Part 2" Clip (01:10)   
S00:Video  Accidentally Funny    
Complete Season   
"Accidentally Funny" Clip (03:23)   
S00:Video  Parvesh Cheena: Fanboy    
Complete Season   
"Parvesh Cheena: Fanboy" Clip (01:20)   
S00:Video  Backstage Mumbai    
Complete Season   
"Backstage Mumbai" Clip (02:30)   
S00:Video  Inside Outsourced    
Complete Season   
"Inside Outsourced" Clip (01:37)   
S00:Video  Meet Alok    
Complete Season   
"Meet Alok" Clip (00:48)   
S00:Video  You're My Dog!    
Complete Season   
"You're My Dog!" Clip (00:48)   
S00:Video  Love Advice, Part 5    
Complete Season   
"Love Advice, Part 5" Clip (00:57)   
S00:Video  Fan Q&A: Diedrich, Parvesh and Rizwan    
Complete Season   
"Fan Q&A: Diedrich, Parvesh and Rizwan" Clip (02:25)   
S00:Video  Our Headshots    
Complete Season   
"Our Headshots" Clip (02:21)   
S00:Video  Hair, Makeup and Cracking Up    
Complete Season   
"Hair, Makeup and Cracking Up" Clip (03:20)   

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