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English  |  Drama
The hot new drama produced by John Eisendrath, Outlaw TV show takes ‘representing the little guy’ to a whole new level. Jimmy Smits stars as Cyrus Garza; a well respected, straight shooting Supreme Court justice who is also known as a gambler and playboy. However, after abruptly resigning from his high level position many refer to him as an outlaw as he returns to private practice to ‘represent the little guy’. Garza uses his inside knowledge of the system to battle some very powerful people and take on the today’s biggest cases to make sure the law does what he believes it is suppose to.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E08  In Re: Tony Mejia    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Tony Mejia" Full Episode (43:38)   
In Re: Tony Mejia (43:38)   
"Let Us Take Him Home" Clip (02:03)   
Let Us Take Him Home (02:03)   
S01:E07  In Re: Kelvin Jones    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Kelvin Jones" Full Episode (43:12)   
In Re: Kelvin Jones (43:12)   
"In Memory of Kelvin Jones" Clip (02:41)   
In Memory of Kelvin Jones (02:41)   
S01:E06  In Re: Tyler Banks    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Tyler Banks" Full Episode (43:10)   
In Re: Tyler Banks (43:10)   
"Carving Out an Exception" Clip (02:56)   
Carving Out an Exception (02:56)   
S01:E05  In Re: Tracy Vidalin    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Tracy Vidalin" Full Episode (43:12)   
In Re: Tracy Vidalin (43:12)   
"Sins of the Father" Clip (01:56)   
Sins of the Father (01:56)   
S01:E04  In Re: Curtis Farwell    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Curtis Farwell" Full Episode (43:16)   
In Re: Curtis Farwell (43:16)   
"the Secret Settlement" Clip (01:24)   
the Secret Settlement (01:24)   
S01:E03  In Re: Jessica Davis    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Jessica Davis" Full Episode (43:12)   
In Re: Jessica Davis (43:12)   
"Like a Rock" Clip (03:30)   
Like a Rock (03:30)   
S01:E02  In Re: Officer Daniel Hale    
Complete Season   
"In Re: Officer Daniel Hale" Full Episode (43:19)   
In Re: Officer Daniel Hale (43:19)   
"Not Worth Getting Arrested" Clip (02:34)   
Not Worth Getting Arrested (02:34)   
S01:E01  Outlaw - COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"Pilot" Full Episode (41:59)   
Pilot (41:59) - Outlaw: Full Episode   
"A Rough First Day" Clip (02:19)   
A Rough First Day (02:19)   
S00:Video  Fan Q&A With Carly Pope and Jesse Bradford    
Complete Season   
"Fan Q&A With Carly Pope and Jesse Bradford" Clip (02:16)   

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